Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Running From an Angel Focus | Need To Find My Mojo

This Saturday marks my first Half Marathon since...yea know, Vegas Half.

Before Vegas I had two very successful Half's - Hoover Dam (1:56:32) & Snow Canyon (1:44:16). After those races, it was predicted by many racers (not me!) I would slaughter the Vegas Half course. I said it then, and will say it now - I never presume or take it for granted that I will sub2 at any of my races.

Afterall, I eventually crossed the finish line at Vegas in 3:20 (or something like that).

Goals are important, but each race is NOT about time, especially for me.

Even before Vegas, I had planned that Running from an Angel would be a tester race/run for me. Surf City is a month away and LA Full a month after that.

My plan stays. Using Angel as my test. A lot has happened to my body in the past month and I am probably at 85% well. Finishing strong and sickness-free is my only goal.  If I need to walk, I will.

I have no intentions of pushing myself to sub2 on this quite hilly course (but not has hilly as Red Rock) - I will just let my body take me where it needs to go on that AM.

Afterall, I am in my favorite area to run - Lake Mead/6 Tunnels/Hoover Dam area. I can't help by smile when I run there, no matter the distance.

It's my redemption run, not for my body - but for my mind. I got my physical mojo back at the 10k Resolution Run on New Year's Eve, now it's time to get my mental mojo back into gear.

My boys will be at the finish line clipping timing chips and handing out medals, as usual. I have friends & clients who will be running this race. It will be a victory for many of us - a great way to start a new racing season.

Now - I must carb & water load, time for me to turn into a water balloon for the next couple days

To all my friends racing Walt Disney World this week! MOUSE IT UP! 

To the rest of us - have a FAB-O race weekend!

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