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My 10K Fueling Plan | Yes, I Love PowerBar products

As a Certified Sports Nutritionist, I do not race any race on a whim. I also do not plan any longer runs (anything over 5 miles) without planning and proper fueling.


1. Practice for race day.  
2. Try out what works best for me during training, so I know what to consume during races
3. Fueling is not only for race day. Miles is miles - your body still need nutrients regardless if there is a racing bib or not.

I will share with you my 10K fueling plan. A lot of trainers will tell you not to prepare or do anything different for fueling. I disagree. When we run more than 5 miles, we start to loose power in our muscles.

If we do not properly fuel BEFORE the run, and sometimes during - we will crash. In addition, when we run hard (like we do in a race) we need to recover, regardless of the distance. 

My 10K fueling plan:(I have been using this plan since Summer 2011)

*Day before - I lightly carb load. Not as much as I would for a Half Marathon, but I bump up my carbs.

*1 1/2 hours before the race - I eat a PowerBar Performance Bar. These are specially formulated for PRE-race.

*15-20 minutes before gun time - I consume a PowerBar with little or no caffeine. This helps my tummy. Most importantly - I chase it with a little bit of water. ALWAYS consume you gels with water (not sports drinks) - unless you want stomach cramps during the race.

*30 minutes into the race, I will often consume another gel. I don't wait until I am exhausted, I consume the gel BEFORE my body tells me it needs it.  I consume the gel, when I near an aid station (to drink a little bit of water)

This should get me to the end of the 10K training run or race.

*Post-race - water and a PowerBar Recovery Bar. Especially formulated to aid in recovery.

My 10K pre-race, during race and post-race fueling

Test out to see what works for you - and stick with it.  Everybody is different.  Use your training runs to practice for the races.  You will be glad you did.

Next time, I will share with you my fueling plan for my 5k's :)

Do you have a special fueling plan for your 10k's?

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  1. Do you use the first powerbar as your breakfast?

  2. Hi VFI, since I posted this blog - I have moved away from PowerBar products and now use natural bars and homemade energy packets. The bars I now eat are ClifBars. I find that they do not upset my stomach in anyway. Since the switch, I have more energy and no longer have any stomach issues during and post race. I know several who enjoy PowerBar products, though.

  3. Gotcha. What I meant from my first post is that first bar pre race is the first food since dinner the night before right?

  4. 3 hours Pre-Race Breakfast: Pinole Waffle with Peanut Butter (you can google recipes)

    1 hour Pre-race: Natural Protein Bar (Clif Bars)

    15-30 minutes Pre-race: 2-3 Dates (previously a Gel)

    Hope that helps!


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