Monday, January 9, 2012

Feeling Puffy & Sore Post-Race? | It's Normal

Congrats you had a great race weekend!

But, yours legs - maybe even your whole body feels puffy?  The scale says you gained weight?

It's all water weight.

When your muscles have been stressed/fatigued like we do at a race - the muscles will retain water for healing.  It's completely natural, so don't fret! 

To ensure your muscles continue to heal:

1.  Eat good lean protein (chicken, turkey, fish, bananas, eggs, protein bars, etc).

2.  Take an active approach to recovery - go for walks, light jogs, STRETCH.  But, keep moving.  Rest if you are injured, but keep moving.  It only hurts for the first few minutes of moving, then you will feel so much better.

3.  Plan ahead for a better recovery.  Eat a PowerBar Recovery Bar within 30 minutes after your race.

4.  On a daily basis - start increasing your Glutathione (anti-oxidant) levels.  Not only will this give you all important energy, it will help your body recover.  Look at me - I am 50 yrs old, and I experience soreness like everyone else, but I am working out the next day after a big race.  I have been using Robert Keller, MD products since 2008 to increase my Glutathione levels.   CLICK HERE for more info.  I can't say enough good things about this product.  It's pure, it's safe and it's so reasonably price.  Not only will this help your running, it will enhance your entire life.  CLICK HERE

Be sure to plan for your recovery, just as you plan for your race.  Rest and Recovery are an essential part of your training.

Still wanting to read more about post-race soreness?  Even though dated 2007, the principles are very sound and good to follow.  Article

Do you have any questions about post-race recovery?  What are your best tips to recover after a big race or a good run? 

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