Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fast Food Labeling | Effective or Not?

This morning on Facebook, Jillian Michaels posted this picture. I quoted her quote as a caption, below the picture

"A fan posted this on my wall. Apparently California is requiring a warning label be put on McDonalds food. Like cigarettes. This is why I tell you never to eat this crap or feed it to your kids." - Jillian Michaels

Nothing surprising, but it can be effective. Through education and proper labeling, we can make a difference.

Yes, it is about choices. I use to smoke. I knew it was bad for me, but I did it anyways. Yet, smoking is a taboo. It's no longer the normal behavior in society. Wouldn't it be nice if eating crap was no longer the normal in society?

And yes, what about the kids? There are parents who argue that we "have to" take our kids to eat there, they won't eat any place else.

Well....this isn't a parenting blog, but I can tell you - you are the parent, you drive the car - so no child MAKES you go there. When our youngest moved into our house (for adoption) he had a diet of hot dogs, cheese pizza and chicken nuggets. It was NOT easy to break that habit, but he never did and never will control what food is in this house. It is our responsibility, not the children's authority.

Just last night, as I was running errands, that same child said (who refused to eat unless it was a hot dog), "can we PLEASE get some Subway?"

I said, "are you SURE? Wouldn't you rather have a burger and fries?" (I do this often to test them)

Without hesitation, he said, "heck no! Greasy stuff, no way!"

For the record, they eat the BMT - loaded with vegetables :)

We have not had a beef burger in our house in 2 years. We make turkey burgers or garden burgers, and they never any complaints.

Here is a blog I wrote last March about my child's debate with another child about McDonald's: CLICK HERE

How do you feel about labeling on fast food?  Do you think it will detour anyone from eating there?  Please share your thoughts - 

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