Wednesday, January 25, 2012

COLD & FLU SEASON TIME | Some tips to help you stay healthy

It's Cold and Flu season. Yuck. It makes me want to stay home and never venture out.

All through my childhood and into my adult years, I was plagued with colds, bronchitis and flu's. Sometimes EVERY month I was dealing with something. At least 4 times a time, I had bronchitis. Anyone can relate?

However, in recent years - that has all changed with me and my family. I have had one head cold in 4 years, and that was mild (last February).

My kids have been sick ONE time in 6 years with any type of cold/flu. Yes, MY KIDS. The ones who are around other kids, who are playing outside with other kids and exposed to germs all the time. 

Maybe some of my tips can help you keep yourself cold/flu free for as long as possible, or lesson the severity of that cold/flu.

1. You have heard it before - but keep your hands clean. I am not a hand sanitizer freak, but I do use it regularly. Going to grocery stores, picking up Subway sandwhiches, etc. Keep your hands clean is the single most important thing you can do to keep healthy.

2. Use a Neti Pot, regularly. So, what it's a little gross for a few minutes It's more gross to be sick for 5-7 days, isn't it?  It cleans out your nostrils to get rid of any junk, gunk and etc in your nose. The more I use it, the more I like it!  Your nose is the breeding ground for germs. Wash them away with a Neti Pot, once a day as a method of prevention. Added benefit: you will breathe better (and that WILL help out your athletic performance, also).  Be sure to use a saline solution that contains Aloe Vera.  This will prevent any slight burning feeling.

3. Eat clean. Here I am on my soapbox again. But, you GOTTA stay away from the fried, processed crap. Your body is not meant to digest it. Keep yourself healthy - your body has a better immune defense to fight off any germs that may come your way.

4. Rest. This is not a luxury nor an option in your life. Are you getting 7-8 hrs of sleep a night? If not, change your schedule. Lack of sleep can result in weight gain and more frequent illnesses. We were designed to sleep, so do it.

5. Take a good supplement to raise your immunity. I have been taking Dr. Robert Keller products since 2008. Not only do they keep me (and my family!) healthy - they have helped in my workout recovery and energy levels.

Our family takes both the Glutathione Formula and the Advanced Immune Defense. You don't need me to convince you of the science behind Dr. Keller's Mission, please read for yourself  :) 

I would not use nor give the product to my kids - if it didn't work. I HIGHLY recommend these products.  Reasonably priced too! 

Do you have any stay healthy tips?  Please share

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