Friday, January 27, 2012

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT coming next week!

Sometime next week (the latest Friday evening) - I will be making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

For the past week, I have been posting clues - in case you missed them - here are the clues

1. Black
2. Mountain
3. Bondi Band

Any guesses?

Another clue:

4. Swift/Speed

Stay tuned for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! It's pretty big (at least it is for me)

And what's the latest on the FAB RUNNING VIRTUAL 5K?  I am in the final stages of working with a registration company that will make registration a breeze and zero to LOW cost for the participants.

Stay tuned....(P.S. The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT has nothing to do with the Virtual Race)

Have a FAB-O race weekend!  Wishing lots of Pixie Dust Fun to my Tinkerbell racing friends!

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