Monday, January 30, 2012

Another NEW DEVELOPMENT for the FAB Running Virtual 5K

SOOOOOO close to finalizing all the details. Here is what I can share with you:

DATE: February 29, 2012 - yep, LEAP Day! (however, if your schedule does not permit you participating on that day, you can do it within a 5 day period before or after)

TIME: Whenever you want! You pick the time and place.

REGISTRATION: We are developing a website where you do not have to pay additional fees to register! YAY!

EVENT GOAL: To have over 1000 athletes having a FAB 5K IN FEBRUARY!

What you receive:

1. Custom Finisher Medal
2. Printable Bib
3. Custom Silicone Bracelet
4. Opportunity to win some FAB-O prizes (HINT: Be sure to take your camera with you on your 5K) PRIZES include, but not limited to: iFitness Belt, Allied Medal Hanger, a CUSTOM Votive from A&E TV Star, Tanya Memme, KT Tape, ChiRunning DVD and so much more!

*A portion of the proceeds will be donated to - for over 50 years has provided safety education to racing community.

WHY RRCA?  Most know of my nightmarish experience from the Vegas Half in December. Since then, I have worked earnestly to educate others on the importance of course safety. I believe by raising monies for RRCA - it will further the cause of race safety for all who participate.

LAS VEGAS RUNNERS: I will be organizing a couple 5K in our area! Mark your calendars!


Questions? Feel free to ask

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  1. Where do we sign up?!?! I'm super excited to have a race to do on LEAP DAY! :D

  2. Hi Kendra - thanks for your enthusiasm! Registration will open up no later, than Saturday, Feb 11th. Stay tuned!


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