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2011 Best Of || Races, Bling, Awards & Fun Race Facts

End of 2011 – is well…the end of 2011

When I register for a race, any race - I never set a goal to win any Award.  

I set a goal for my finish time (sometimes, but not always) and more importantly to have a strong race.  When I do win an Award - it is always unexpected and added perk to a great race experience. That is why you will often see me so giddy after I earn an award.  It's like Christmas to me!  

I will never take winning nor PR's for granted.  I am so grateful to have been able to stand on that podium several times in my first year of racing.  Memories I will take with me - for the remainder of my running career.   Some race experiences were better than others - but in the end, I have no regrets for any of my races. 

My "Best Of and other Fun Race Info" for 2011~
(*Warning - list is very long.  I wanted to answer all the questions, that I have been asked all year.  Sit back, grab a beverage and hope you enjoy!)
  • Number of Miles Logged in 2011: 1174
  • Hours of Cross Training (Home DVD's):  308 
  • For a complete listing of my races & results - 
  • Total number of races in 2011: 27
Happiest Race Experience – Crossing the finish line for my first sub2 Half Marathon at Hoover Dam
(I was jumping up and down - no joke!)
Most Emotional Race Experience – Running 6 Tunnels the day after Ladybug passed away
(this was the only time I cried after a race)

Favorite Finisher Medal – Tie: Hoover Dam and  6 Tunnels (March 2011)
Smallest Finisher MedalLaughlin
Largest Finisher Medal Running with the Devil
Favorite Overall/Age Division Award3rd Place Overall Rockin' Rabbit Trophy and USATF Gold Phidippides Award 

Favorite Short Sleeved ShirtTwilight (Red Rock)
Favorite Long Sleeved Shirt - Snow Canyon
Favorite Bib - ET Full Moon
Favorite CourseHoover Dam/6Tunnels (any distance)

Funniest Race Moment – on my first 5K (Running From An Angel, January 2011 – I passed a male runner USING his iPad during the race, and then got mad at me for beating him)
Hardest CourseTwilight (Red Rock) Half Marathon
Easiest Course – (tie) Runnin’ for the House 5K and Turkey Trot 5K
Most Scenic CourseHoover Dam/6Tunnels

Hottest Temps During a Race – 92 at the finish of Running With the Devil
Coldest Temps During a Race – 28 at the start of Snow Canyon Half Marathon

Most Surprising Race CourseNotch (Mt Charleston). Running straight UP 4 miles in 7500+ Elevation
Highest Race ElevationNotch (Mt Charleston) 7500+ft Elevation at Start - 8500+ at Finish
Lowest Race Elevation Laughlin – 585ft Elevation

How Many Nighttime Races – 4 (ET, Twilight, 11-11-11 , Rock n Roll Vegas and Resolution Run)

How Many 5K PR’s – 6 (Running from an Angel, Mardi Gras, 6 Tunnels, Rockin’ Rabbit, Runnin’ for the House, Turkey Trot)
How Many 10k PR’s – 3 (Mom’s Rock , Ambulance Chasers and Resolution Run)
How Many Half Marathon PR’s – 3 (ET, Hoover Dam and Snow Canyon)

Thank you ALL for sharing in my journey to share with the world how wonderful running can be.  I cherish each Medal and Award, they are only perks to have the privilege of racing with amazing people, such as you! 

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011-12

Run F.A.B.,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Running Coach, Certified Sports Nutritionist & Public Speaker
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