Monday, January 2, 2012

1/02/12 - FAB FITNESS FOCUS: Glutes

Hope everyone is starting off their January and 2012 in a positive and healthy way!

I don't make New Year's Resolutions.  I have re-focus times, all throughout the year.  Life isn't the same each and every day - so Life calls for us to refocus and re-evaluate accordingly.

My original goal was to begin the LA Full Training the week after RnRLV.  Well...that didn't happen. 

I have yet to put in LOTS of miles - although I did log in 22 miles last week.  I should be closer to 35 miles.  I had also planned for that to be the beginning of my intense strength training program for the LA Full.

We have to remain flexible in our training. 

 I have the Running from an Angel Half Marathon race this coming weekend (Drs orders not to run or race it hard) - serious miles are not happening this week, either (carb loading starts on Wednesday or Thursday). 

My neck is still giving me some issues - so I have still another week or two of PT.  There is a fine line between staying fit and pushing to hard to cause further injury. 

But, I did begin my Strength Training today.  ALL TUSHY (glutes).  35 minutes of sweat pouring off my face - and a very tough workout.  All good.

The more I strengthen my glutes (the workhorse of the body) the stronger my hips, back, core and legs will be.  LA Full is not flat (as some will lead you to believe) it has some hilly terrain.  I intend to tackle that terrain with strength and mental focus.  It will be my first Full - and I intend to finish strong, regardless of my finish time.  I can't possibly have a goal finish time - it's my first Full, I have NO idea how my body will react to that many miles.  All I can do is train and run smart, and allow my body to do what it wants to do that day.

The harder I work out - the more mentally prepared I am. 

Is it the same for you, too?

How did you start your 2012?  What's your upcoming focus race?

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