Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Things Tuesday | Chewed up Shoes & Swedish Fish

Several Bloggers have regular 10 Things Tuesday.

Here is my first-ever 10 Things Tuesday Blog Post. I doubt I will do this every week, but it will be fun to do, every once in awhile

My random 10 things of the week:

1. My newest pairs of shoes (I have 3 pairs, I rotate). Only 35+ miles on them and our beloved little Daisy Mae decided to make them her chew toy. She chewed through an eyelet. Now...off to the shoe repair I go!

2. Here is the little culprit. How can I get mad at this face?

3. Due to the Vegas sickness/injury - I had to rewrite my Training Plan for the LA Full

4. Me and my pacer, Alejandro for the Resolution Run 10K. I PR'd by 3 min's, beat my goal time by 15 seconds and qualified for the USATF Master's All-American 10k Team.  YAY!   (Yes, I am REALLY red in the face, I had A LOT of problems with breathing on this race)

5. That next morning, boys and I showed up at the LVTC Potluck and Fun Run. Aren't ya digging that side ponytail? LOL - This is how I look from very little sleep the night before (fireworks, dogs barking, etc). When I have a bad hair day - it's BAD!

6. Finished another great book. Just what I needed to read this month, "Run to Overcome"

7. During the colder temps - my inhaler is my best friend

8. Here is my new Ladybug patch on my Bondi Band. Wore it at RnRLV and the Resolution Run on New Year's Eve.

9. Taper/carb loading begins on Thursday for my next Half. Here are some of my carb loading goodies. Granola Bars, Swedish Fish and Oatmeal cookies. No worries, I don't eat them ALL in 2 days.

10. Went to the Bellagio for family time (to look at Christmas lights) and my husband bought me this beautiful, glass Dragonfly.

Thus ends my 10 Things Tuesday for this week....

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