Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Race Report: RnRLV aka FlopAtNight

Where do I begin? What do I have to say about the insane race of Rock n Roll Las Vegas? What saddens me is that my experience is not unique. As I lay in bed on Monday reading the hundreds, if not thousands of posts on the RnRLV Facebook page – with shared experiences. I became even madder. That an event like this would be allowed to take place in my own city and then called an “economic success”.

Vegas thrive on Conventions and Tourism. This will hit the bottom line of the “success” of Rock n Roll Las Vegas for next year. Those hurt, bruised and neglected on the course will not be silent. While we might not have the ability to keep RnR from getting a permit for next year, but we will try. My city deserves better. The racing community deserves better.

I have ALWAYS been a supporter of RnRLV. It was where my running journey began. Even when others barked about the high prices, I quickly came to RnR’s defense.

Then, I saw trouble brewing, shortly after registration opened.

1. They were giving away free jackets (from Brooks) for subscribing to their email list. I was one of the winners. I was treated so poorly by Competitor Group to receive my jacket, that Brooks had to intervene. It took months to receive the jacket and even then, Brooks had to send it to me as Competitor refused, even though they used MY NAME to promote the contest (as one of the winners)
2. Their decision to remove the Kids Run and add the Stiletto Dash. What a mockery!
3. Their decision to create a MERGE for the Full and Halfers and have NO communication about the separate lane, cones, etc.
4. Their decision to charge $40 to anyone wanting to pick up a packet on race day. Several of my friends were caught in the bad snowstorms of last year. I remember well, that RnR was refusing to give them their packets. That was until our local Channel 8 got involved.

I trained all year for this race. I ran 26 races to prep me for this race. It was my race to be my triumphant return to the course. I had a goal to sub2 in Vegas. I was right on track to do so, since I ran a 1:44 in Snow Canyon a month prior.

Days leading up to RnRLV was typical race prep for me. Nothing new. Then, came the Expo. I saw the disaster again. Okay let’s see – we have 20K more racers this year, but let’s make the aisles narrower and have less space! That sounds like a great idea, don’t you think?

They ran out of shirts. How is that possible?

I went Friday to get my legs tapped up at the KT Tape booth and meet up with friends. Had a half of Marathon Bar – Snickers and quickly threw it out. It was horrible.

I went back Saturday to be with my husband to get his bib and walk through the booths. I sampled VERY little (keep this in mind – this might prove to be helpful to some)

1. The Sweet Tomatoes
2. Muscle Milk. I had the regular (TOO SWEET!) and the low sugar. My kids did not have the low sugar (again, keep this in mind).

That night, hubby and I went to the Rio buffet for dinner and a final carb load.

After dinner, I went to the EyeCandy Tweetup. No drinking, other than a bottle of Fuji water.

The next morning (race day) I woke up queasy feeling. I figured it was nerves. I knew I was nervous, so I just tried to stay calm. All day, the stomach was in knots, but I was not overly concerned.

Arrived at Mandalay Bay and saw a wall of people trying get to the race start area. I am thinking, “This isn’t good”

About 20 minutes before gun, we head to the start line. My husband and I then see the mess that will dictate the rest of the evening. We climbed over bushes, railing and people to get to Corral 5. I could not believe what I was seeing.

The Start was so UNthrilling. Last year, we had a stage above the start line. Smoke bombs went off at each corral – it was a great mood. This year, it was not even close. Oh well, I thought. It will start soon.

We start our corrals and I take off. I felt fine, for about 5 minutes and then I felt my insides start to do cartwheels. I have NEVER had to use a porta potty in any race, ever. I saw it coming this time. Just at that moment, I found my running partner from last year’s Vegas. We clutched hands and I told her I was not doing well and needed to find a porta potty. I didn’t find one, but I immediately ran into the Starbucks by Treasure Island. The bodily explosion that happened in my body was not fun. Okay, TMI, but it gives you an idea or what is happening.

After that pit stop I started running again. Not too much longer, I needed to go again. So, there were another string of porta potties. I had to jump to the left and cross the Marathon lane. By then the front runners were coming in and I had to cross them. I am SO sorry I had to cut you off, but there was NO porta potties on the other side.

That was the second stop of MANY stops after that. By the time I had reached the turn around at the El Cortez, I knew I was not doing any better, but getting worse. I walked over to a volunteer and asked for help and I was told where the next porta potty was and keep walking to keep warm. When I asked them to call for help, they just refused and sent me on my way.

I honestly don’t remember ever seeing a medical tent on this course, but I am told there was.

Then, I came up on the Stratosphere and saw good friend, Jill W. from Team in Challenge. She is one of the Coaches. I waved to her and she jumped out to help me. I told her to stay with her team, I will find myself some help. The look on her face is forever branded in my mind.  I know she felt powerless on what to do for me.  

By the time I got to Sahara, I stopped at a Police Car and asked for help. I was once again instructed by the volunteer and police officer to use the porta potty and keep walking to stay warm.

I was hoping and praying I could find my husband but I was sure by now he had passed me.

Came up on every porta potty and body explosions continued. I ran into at least 3 casinos to use their bathroom. Running back on the course and seeing porta pottys with BARRIERS in front of them – what was that for?

I was taking water from every aid station, in the hopes I wouldn’t dehydrate (but drinking water provided by a fire hydrant isn’t the best for a stomach issue, now is it?)

Of course, since I was walking – from Mile 2 on, the water stations were already being broken down on after the turn around. I knew I was slow, but I knew I would finish within the time limit of 4 hrs. There is NO excuse for running out of water. None. I find it ironic that RnR has big as they are can’t get a water supply sponsor? Look at other race organizers. Most of them do get water sponsors,why not RnR?

As I came up on Mile 11 – I thought about asking for help again, but after being turned away 2 times – my mind went into “why bother” mode.

The reality is, I thought I was going to die. Not kidding. I was scared beyond comprehension. I was horribly cold. Long sleeved shirt & arm sleeves, leggings, ear warmer and gloves weren’t enough. I knew my body temp was rapidly dropping.

As I came up on the Luxor – my body decided to revolt in another way – vomiting began. Then, and ONLY then did anyone offer to help me. After several minutes of hurdling in a bush, I was offered some water and I decided I only had 1 mile to go. At that time, I can get some medical attention. That was my only motivation to finish. To get warmth and help.  

Back in 2005 when Devine Racing controlled the race. I was part of the setup of the medical tents and team. We had it ALL. Pain relievers, IV’s, hot water, cold water, blankets. We had our own Triage at the Finish Line. I assumed it would be the same this year. I was SO WRONG!

I crossed the finish line at 3:20 – that shows you how slow I was. Remember, I just finished a 1:44 Half Marathon, a month prior.

I immediately went to the medical tent. I was given a blanket and told to sit in front of the heater. The Aid told me I was certainly suffering from hypothermia. He gave me a salt packet and then asked someone to bring me HOT water. The other aid brought me cold/lukewarm water. I said, “excuse me, but this isn’t hot, this isn’t going to help me at all with my hypothermia” She said, “this is all we got!” and walked away from me.

I was disregarded; I was left alone – as they attended to someone who had a bad hip/ITB. I am in a life threatening situation and I was left alone and told they could do nothing for me. I was not even asked if I needed an ambulance. Nothing.

My mind went to one thing, find my husband. He had his cell phone in my gear check bag. I had no way of knowing how I would find him. I made my way through the post-race crowds and felt like I was back in the Expo. 20K more racers and less room = that’s another great idea!

I started to make my way to the hotel and two people came up behind me and helped me in. I have no idea who they were, but at least they cared enough to help me.

I then started going towards the Gear Check. I am thinking, eventually my husband will try to find me and hopefully he will come to Gear Check. I had BRIGHT YELLOW blanket. So, I made the decision to put the blanket on the ground and lay on it. I am hoping he will see the bright yellow and then notice me.

I pulled out my cell phone and tried my best to text some friends to help me find my husband. As luck would have it, one of our good family friends was also in gear check and came to my aid. I was so weak I could not sit up and vomiting kept coming. Luckily, they were able to bring me some hot tea. The first time I had anything warm in hours.

Finally, my husband called. He used someone else’s phone to call me. He was by my side in a matter of minutes.

At first, all I wanted was to go home. Then, reality set in and I knew I needed to go to the hospital.

The RnRLV Red Shirt Medic team was worthless. They did nothing. I will give credit to a Medic who at least offered me a Bagel and Banana. But once again, I asked for something warm to drink and I was given cold water. Who are training these volunteers? It was very very obvious I was ill.

Laying on the cold concrete I looked around and couldn’t help by notice the other runners. I have never seen such a negative atmosphere after a race. It was not happy, no sense of accomplishment. All I could hear was complaints and complaints. Seeing people getting sick around me and the Medics doing nothing but “want us to call an ambulance?” Why not offer people some assistance! Or least to offer to walk them to the bathroom.

When the medics finally arrived for me, I was told that they have never seen anything so poorly run and blatant disregard for the racers safety.

It’s 40 degrees in the Desert winter NIGHT and they didn’t have heaters at the finish? But oh yes, they did have them at the VIP booth for special guests at the Start Line. The medics shared their disgust with me and my husband several times at this entire race event.

Then, the ambulance comes and tells me the same thing. When I tell them about my issues with the lack of care in the medical tent post-race, they informed me they are only set up for orthopedic injuries. Again, HOW STUPID is this? It’s the WINTER – did not anyone think that even just ONE runner would be suffering from hypothermia? I am sure they did think of it but I am sure the extra bucks to put Hot Water outlets in the medical tent was too costly, right?

I spent the night in the hospital with lots of IV’s and feeling sick. Monday (as also today) I am still on bed rest. I spent a lot of my day, yesterday – reading all the complaints on the FB page. That is what angers me more. I think I could have handled my disappointment a lot better if I was the only one, I wasn’t. To think that people think this is how the city of Las Vegas treats our guests? I am angry.

I want to see RnR held accountable for this disaster. Oh yes, it was an “economic success” – but at what cost? What is it going to take for the City of Las Vegas to realize this is a death trap waiting to happen.

And they want to increase it to 61K for next year? They are inept, incompetent and incapable of hosting such an event. It is of my opinion, that the sponsors should remove themselves; RnR should not be issued a permit to host another event. This event will hurt us economically, as most racers are NOT coming back for next year and they were travelers.

Do I hold RnR responsible for me being sick? Not at all. But, I do hold them responsible for their lack of organization, lack of crowd control and lack of care to ensure our basic safety during the course and post-race.

Edit: 12/09/11 When I initially wrote this race recap, I had NO idea the magnitude and numbers of those getting sick with vomiting and stomach cramps. I have reviewed the race course map (first time, since race day) - and my stomach cramps started after 4 water stops at Mile 6 - at least an hour into the course. Note: I did not have PAIN nor CRAMPS in the beginning of the race. The PAIN, CRAMPS and VOMITING started after the water stations. Las Vegas Health District has launched in investigation to the cause of all of our illnesses. I am now of the belief that the frightening pain and vomiting at the later part of my race experience was caused by the aid stations. RnR was not responsible for my pre race nerves, but something made me significantly worse throughout the night.

What made me and thousands of others so sick? I have no idea. It could have been a bug. I am wondering if it is something we sampled at the Expo.

My family and I all had the same samples and none of them got sick. Except I drank the low-sugar Muscle Milk. Too many racers were sick, there is something seriously wrong. However, RnR unwillingness to provide the basic of care is their fault.

In addition, my husband told me that he saw a girl throwing up about 10 feet from a Medical Station on the course. He ran over to her and asked if she needed help. She did. Husband walked to the Medical Aids and told them to help her. Guess what their reply was? “can she walk over here so we can help her?” My husband said, “No she can’t! That’s why you need to help her!”

When I worked the medical team during the Devine Racing – we were given very clear instructions on what to do for the racers. We had no limits to the care we could provide. Devine Racing genuinely cared about the racer safety and it showed. They provided us all the resources we need to ensure a racer was safe. I would be curious to see what RnR communicates to their “medical team”. I am going to guess it isn’t much, if anything.

I will never, ever run any RnR event. I will not coat the pockets of those greedy mongers. They have shamed my city; they have embarrassed the sponsors and hurting a charity. I am not alone – a strong boycott is already taking place.

I believe there needs to be more. Sponsorships need to be pulled and again, their permit needs to be denied. Human life and safety should not be endangered for the greed of an “economic success”.

What is RnR’s response to all of this? They issued a lame statement yesterday “apologizing for the inconvenience”. That is not acceptable and goes to further show they cannot be trusted. They may promise to make changes, but they won’t. I suspect they will start CHARGING for aid stations or using the porta pottys. If they can make a buck off of it, they will do it.

For those who wish to make their opinions heard - here are the contact links for those who need to hear your voice:



City of Las Vegas Public Works Permits

Fire Code Violations

Las Vegas Convention & Tourism

I hope all is recovering from the experience and I am so sorry you were treated so poorly in my city. RnR is not a reflection on how we treat our guests. We hope you will come back, but just not for RnRLV. Spend your race monies elsewhere, but not with RnR, anywhere. If this happens in Vegas, it will happen in another city.

If changes are not made, there will be multiple deaths in coming years all in the name of a economic success. 

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Certified Sports Nutritionist, Running Coach & Public Speaker
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  1. I'm sorry to hear about you getting sick. This makes me angry just reading about it. I've never done a race with this many people which makes me like those low key ones I do even more. I hope you feel better soon and can get back to running. It'll be interesting to see how many people sign up for next year's race...

  2. The only reason I ever got into these 1/2 marathons was because 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. So I joined Team Challenge in 2009 and had the time of my life. Last year same great experience. This year:
    1. No clear signs at the EXPO
    2. Gear bag had hardly anything in it, and the expo was crammed with pushy people.
    3. Starting areas congested, no clear signs
    4. Corral system fell apart -- was bum rushed, tripped and fell.
    5. I was going at the 15 minute pace -- and they had run out of water and Cytomax. HOW ??!!
    6. Mad people that allegedly had no idea this was going on -- were crossing the streets all over the place.
    7. The 5 miles of essentially turning around were un-lit, not guarded, and scary.
    8. NO MEDAL at the finish line. Told they ran out, and would mail it to me ( HOW ???? ).
    9. Un-lit, understaffed, horrible finishing area with again ... NO CYTOMAX. I was so desperate I almost consider grabbing one out of the trash. Really ???!!!!!
    10. No help with injury or finding my boyfriend. He was lost too !!!

    This was horrible. Not only am I NEVER doing this again .... we are not sure we are EVER coming back to Las Vegas again. This was a horrible experience.

    Lesley Helgoth -- Kansas City

  3. Thanks for the comments. RnR is not based in Vegas. Vegas hosts THOUSANDS of conventions and NYE that has over 250K in the streets, every year - we don't have this problem. We can handle crowds. I couldn't help but notice that the barriers were not the same barriers we use for NYE and other big events. Which makes me wonder how much did the City/County know about the event? Only the basics. I know people who work in MB and Luxor - this was completely not their fault.

    This all falls on the shoulders of RnR. I will not trust them for any changes them promise to make.

    We had 27K racers last year. We had more room, more food and better medical care. So, they increase it by 20K racers and provide less?

    Keep your dollars away from RnR.

  4. Oh, Charlene, what a horrible experience! I myself thought the race was great and had no complaints. I was shocked when later I read on Facebook and Twitter how horribly wrong things went for so many runners. I am glad you are ok...and agree that they should not be allowed back in Vegas.

  5. Aren't they also hosted/sponsored/owned by Competitor.com? If so, do you have the contact information for them? I think after the SA RnR and LV RnR, that Competitor desperately needs to rethink this series - or at least - the directors of it. Chris read last week that all (with the exception of 1) runners who have passed away at a race this past year were at RnR events. We had one at SA, who passed away 20 feet from the finish line of the half.
    We did the RnR SA Full in 6 hrs with a time limit of 7 hrs and they had already put away most of the water and cytomax when we came across the stations. I will say however, that our medics were pretty good - some couldn't figure out how to put a bandaid on but others were very knowledgeable. Let me know what you find out about competitor.com.

  6. omg I am so sorry you got sick! That is horrible. I was going to sign up for the race, but decided that I wanted the first year to play out so they could iron out all their kinks. Good thinking for me but my lord this little race cost you tons of money!!!

  7. Yes, RnR is owned by Competitor. I have written emails everywhere, including Competitor. I know RnR won't do anything, they never will, but I wrote them just to know I did.

    Their contact info:
    Dan Cruz
    Office: (858) 768-6425
    Cell: (619) 925-7671

    Amana Miyamae
    Office: (303) 245-2177
    Cell: (970) 402-0390

  8. My heart truly broke when I saw you... and I had several people on my team dealing with the runs and vomiting by mile 10. And people on other Team challenge teams that I was helping... and just general runners on the course that I was helping. It was so distressing as a coach and a runner to witness this.

    I have done other RnR events and they weren't this disorganized. Although, I did earn my DNF in the 2009 PF Chang's RnR Marathon in AZ when I fell and split my chin open. Nobody on the course could figure out how to help me. Some cute firemen picked me up and drove me around for a while. So while it wasn't the event planners fault I felt, I did feel like my injury was really disregarded.

  9. Jill - I wish I could of DNF'd around Mile 6. I have never wanted to DNF, but I did then. I can't imagine how you felt to see your team in such distress. When you told me that others were sick, that was my first clue something was wrong on the course, not just me.

    This organization supports CCFC - yet gives us water from a fire hydrant? How is that healthy? Sadly, I believe CCFC will be an innocent victim in this.

    RnR has cooked their own goose by their lame FB posts and not addressing the real issues, not even an apology.

    They are shameful to this business.

  10. Charlene~ I am soooo sorry this was your experience. I will admit, I was having terrible stomach issues from mile 7 to mile 15 (I was running the full). Every time I tried to drink the water, I would puke a little bit. I finally decided to stop drinking the water, having to trust I had hydrated my body well enough before the race.

    I have run one other RnR in Nashville and felt it was a well organized race. Also, a friend running w/me had run Seattle and also had a good race. But, neither of us will ever again spend our money with this organization.

    I couldn't believe the lack of water/cytomax. I was coming to the end of my race with little left on the tables and knew there were still the half marathon walkers coming through for another hour, insanity. 13.1 in the cold, walking with no hydration is neglect.

    As the running community grows, we need to hold the race organizers accountable for the care of it's runners. We spend months/years of dedication for this one moment.

  11. This was my third time running RnR here in Vegas and it will be my last. All the injured people I saw, not enought potties, running out of medals it was an awful experience and a disgrace to the city. Who had the bright idea to do the race at night...in December...and not have qualified medics and places to get warm at the end??? Awful!!

  12. I sincerely hope you are getting better and am so sorry you had such a craptastic race. It is horrible that you had to cover the full 13 miles after asking for help - completely unacceptable!

    I have never run an RnR race but this is not the first time I've read negative things about RnR that I have no desire to ever run on. From copying race courses to "stealing" dates from local races to horrible race day coordination I am shocked they are still in business! Someone clearly needs to do something!

  13. Carmen, when they sent out the survey to last year's racers, I called it a potential disaster to run at night. Boy, was I proven right. Awful is so right.

  14. Charlene - As disappointed as I was to miss this race, I am now grateful that I wasn't able to attend. I am amazed that they made so many changes since last years race was one of the best run races I have been too. I have run a lot of half and full marathons, and Vegas 2010 was the last Rock n Roll I have run....or will run. The prices have gotten way to steep. I actually originally signed up for the full marathon last year because it was the same price as the half - wow, talk about greedy! I have recommended this race to a number of my friends but will now retract that recommendation.

    I am so sorry you were ill - I've had that happen before during a race but not to the same extent as you - and how disappointing that the health of a runner wasn't taken into account.

    I have begun running more local regional half marathons - just seem to be better run....and much less costly!

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. I've been following your tweets and others about this race, and the disaster of a race in D.C. with the Hot Chocolate race, and it's just embarrassing that this can happen. You're doing the right thing with your blog and emails and Tweets - please keep it up!

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about everything you went through! It makes me wish I could have seen you so I could have helped! I ran the half in 1:51:53 but still had many, many complaints. I run with my own bottle so didn't drink any water on the course but my friend who was running her first got extremely ill from mile 8 on. And she was up all night in the bathroom. The negligence on the part of RnR/Competitor Group is egregious. As a doctoral student (I study higher education but deal with legality of many institutional policies) I am more than certain that there were enough damages caused by RnR or resultant from their negligence for there to be legitimate legal action.

    I provide my own race recap: http://livingspreethegoodlife.com/2011/12/06/i-called-it-rnrlv-recap/

    I hope you are feeling better!!

    Claire @ Let's Go On A Living Spree

  17. I am so sorry you were so sick. I ran the 1/2 and was fine through out the race (minus weaving through the thick crowds which slowed my pace)However once I got into the gear check area things took a turn for the worse. I could not warm up. I sat with my two friends (one, who was vomiting) in the convention center for two hours watching the horror show unfold. It was like a war zone. I have run other races (including the 2010 RnR in New Orleans which was great!) and have NEVER seen so many sick people. Long story short, I too ended up in the ER with warming blankets and IV fluids. I had a scheduled flight out of LV at 6:40am the next day. I didn't make it. I was able to get on a flight later on that afternoon and make home to Louisiana by 9pm (2 hours time difference) I have no idea how managed to travel....I was exhausted, as was my faithful friend who stayed with me the entire time. As of today, 3 days later, I am still tired and not 100%. I hope some serious changes will be made to ensure the safety of the runners. I won't be running another RnR event....EVER.

  18. I am SO sorry to hear your experience! That is just irresponsible on RnR's part! I am registered for their NOLA race in March. I am tempted to pull out, but I have a whole group of friends going that I want to be there with. But, it will definitely be my last RnR race! I ran RnR Savannah and, although it was not on the same scale as LV, there were definitely logistical issues there as well. One suggestion, in trying to either keep them from putting on the event next year or at least making sure it's safe, maybe you can get someone from the ambulance company and/or hospital who helped treat you speak to what they saw at the race and how unsafe the conditions were. Perhaps their input will make the city listen! And next year, come on over to the "South" and run St. Jude Memphis! Same weekend, much better organization and for a great cause!!!

    I hope you get back on your feet soon and have an amazing next race to make up for this debacle!

  19. I want to thank everyone for your kind comments, but most importantly for sharing your stories with me and my readers. You all deserved better than what you received. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry that RnR treated you this way in my own city. Vegas loves our guests and we are truly sorry. Hope everyone in on the mend. For me, I am up and down, but not down as Sunday night/Monday AM. I am hopeful to be back on the training schedule soon.

  20. Gosh, I can't believe how badly everyone was treated & how unprepared & disorganized RnR was. I ran the inaugural Seattle RnR two years ago and experienced nothing like that. There were things I was not pleased about but for the most part, people were cared for and treated with respect. I found your blog through Betsy and Kristie.

  21. Holy Christ! I am NEVER running a race sponsored by RnR! They hosted a 10K here in New York a little over a month ago, and it was also a major disaster (thankfully I had not signed up for it). It was only a 10K with a smaller # of people registered for it, so it did not rise to the level of danger that this did. This has sufficiently convinced me to stay the hell away from this race *and* RnR!

  22. Shea - don't run another RnR. If they don't have any entrants, they cannot hurt another racer, again.

    I demand accountability and one way we can make our voices known - stop purchasing their registrations.

    If you are looking for GREAT Vegas race venues, medals, shirts, bibs and to be treated with respect - check out www.calicoracing.com

    I race or volunteer at them all. You will never be disappointed in what Calico offers.

  23. Found you via Meals & Miles, I live in Vegas too and am so ashamed that everyone was treated this way. Scary & negligent. :(

  24. Thanks for your comment hsw - things will change for the better (industry wide). Stay strong and hang in there.

  25. i ran the half in 02:20, my first, so, crazy as it was, it was my first and therefore special in its own way. but it truly was madness. i could not even get into my corral (19). i finally jumped the fence when about corral 23 was passing by, and since i finished about 13,000 i guess i passed about 10,000 people during the course of the "race." at one point i almost ran into a lady who was crossing the road with a shopping cart! and i wasn't thrilled about going into the areas of town that i wouldn't go into when it's daytime! (i am local). fortunately, i had no need for a restroom or medical help...i feel very bad for those who did! i did abandon my gear bag when i saw the crowd since i had only throwaway clothes in it so i got home in henderson at 9:30 pm , and they actually did mail the bag to me, surprisingly. someone told me to forget RnR and to check out CALICO RACING, which i think i will do...

  26. jp - thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences.

    Yes, check out CalicoRacing.com - I race/volunteer all her races. She is an athlete. Her races receives a lot of press in Runners World, Running Times, etc. You won't be disappointed - she knows how to treat an athlete and passionately cares about each one.

    Hope to see you out in the course, someday.

  27. I ran the full marathon and never had any illness issues however the actual start time for corral 1 was at 4.05.35 according to my Garmin, which meant when I ran the first half in 1:27:50and iinstead of being 2 mins clear of the half marathon start I ran right into the tail of the half and then had to fight my way through. Made for a very frustratinf few miles, that was 20th Marathon and the only 1 that has started more than seconds late, it didn't matter for the others but this one it did....I guess its just another bit of poor organising.

  28. Hello!

    I came across your blog through a google search. I'm sorry to hear about your terrible illness and how you were "helped" during the event. I completely agree with your complaints about this event. It was my first and last RnR event. I'm saddened that it turned out the way it did. My husband and I love Vegas. We got married during this 2011 event and were hoping we could come back every year to do vow renewals. But after this disaster, we have no desire to. We still love the city, but RnR gave us one less reason to do an annual visit. This RnR event was the most expensive event we'd ever paid for, and the worst organized event. Their attempts to "apologize" for what happened were miserable. The only way they could entice me to do another event was if they refunded my money and offered me free registration for another. Even then I would have to think about it.We are from Vancouver Canada, where there is an annual run called the Sun Run. It's 10KM and over 50,000 people attend every year. RnR needs to learn from them!!!

  29. Alanna, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I am so very sorry you were treated so poorly in my city. While we have put this behind us, the fight continues to ensure they are held accountable and will not be permitted to duplicate this fiasco.

    Just today - there are reports that at the RnRAZ race, the packets/bib numbers are not matching the names. Once again, trouble is luming at an RnR race.

    RnR needs to learn, but they are so pompous, they will never believe it.


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