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RACE REPORT: LVTC Christmas Eve 5K | Oh, What Joy It Is!

After missing two other 5k's since RnRLV - and still knee deep into my Physical Therapy, I was hopeful but not overly optimistic about being able to race this race.

While it was a Low-Key race, I viewed this race as a chance to get my mental mojo back. In addition, I knew it was important for my family back to see me at the race course, again.  They had watched me suffer so much since RnRLV - I needed to race for them, too. 

Here are mine and my son's outfit's for the race.  Aren't ya digging my socks?!!!

I came into this race with no expectations except to pay attention to everything my body would tell me. I would push myself only as far as my body would let me. Certainly a PR was not on my mind.

We arrived at the old Silver Bowl Park at 7:45am. Less than 40 degrees, with he sun starting to rise. In the desert, we call that COLD.

My youngest son chose to run the 2 mile race. I was going to run the 5K. Here is our outfits. We added the Ladybug's to his shirt and my hat, after the photo was taken.

After a quick warm up, I removed my warm up gear and headed to the start. I knew the course - ran it several times. Very easy, by anyone's standards.

The gun went off and off we went. Mixed in with the regular Track Club racers were a bunch of male/female racers from one of the High School. Yep, we had some speedsters with us.

I can't tell you how slow I FELT. I looked at my Garmin a few times and saw 7:57, 7:52, 8:03 - I just rolled my eyes and was sure that my Garmin was acting weird again. But, with the cold weather, my breathing was a little labored. We made one lap around the park area before going onto the street. At the lap - I gave my husband a thumbs up to let him know I was feeling fine. Naturally, he was worried. It was great to see him smile when he knew I was fine.

Not until about Mile 1 did I feel like I had that under control. Again, I felt HORRIBLY slow. I mean like my legs were lead. I turned on my tunes and once again jammed out to my favorite, Lenny Kravitz.

My mind did wander back to the Vegas Half a few times, but I knew I had to break past those thoughts to just keep moving. At the turn around - I felt really good, but I still felt really slow and I saw so many ahead of me and several passing me. I thought - wow, I am REALLY slow today.

Then, the light bulb went off - of course, I feel slow - I am running along side of XS High Schooler's. I chuckled - it only took me 2 miles to figure that one out.

I came to the finish around the 25:28ish mark. Not the stellar time I had with my PR, but I am very happy I got through the race with no stomach cramps, no back nor neck aches. To me - I had accomplished what I had set out to do. Get back into my mental racing mojo.

After a little break and checking on my son to see how he felt about his 2 Mile (he said he finished around the 22-23:00 mark). Nice!  Here is is at the Finish - with the traditional thumbs up!

My husband commented that I looked stiffer than normal.  No doubt, I was stiffer, it was cold and it's been weeks since I had a good tempo run.

We both received 1st Blue Ribbons for our Age Division. It was a great AM and a great sense of relief to know, I am getting my racing legs back.

Next race? New Year's Eve 10K

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