Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My tentative 2012 Race Schedule | What's Yours?

It's that time of year, again!

2012 Race Schedule planning!  Last year, at this time - I had set a goal to run in 11 races (2011 = 11 races).  I met that goal in August, ET Full Moon Half.

Last year was my year of 5k's, mixed in with a few Half's. 

This coming year - I will be focusing on more Halfs & Full's.  Well, I am not sure about the Full's.  It took me this long to decide to want to run a Full, afterall.  After I run LA - I will decide if I want to run Full's, again. 

As of today - here is my tentative race schedule (subject to change)

All LVTC Low-Key and Championship events (12 races)
Running from Angel Half
Chefs for Kids 5k
Mardi Gras 5k
St George Dam to Dam (distance, TBD)
Surf City Half
Los Angeles Full
Hollywood Half
Labor of Love Half
Hurricane Half
Runnin' For the House 5k
Ambulance Chasers (distance, TBD)
Fontana Half
Running with the Devil (distance, TBD)
ET Full Moon (distance, TBD)
Disneyland Half
Twilight Red Rock Half
St. George Full
Hoover Dam
Snow Canyon Half
Turkey Trot - 6 Tunnels

Now, that I will no longer run any RnR races - what will be my focus race for all year? I think that will evolve as the year moves on. Right now - I am focused on the LA Full. After that, I have no idea.

My focus has and always will be to enjoy great competitors, great & safe environments. The PR's, medals and awards are always secondary.

What is on your race schedule?  Will we be running any of the same races? If so, hope to see you there!

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  1. I'll be cheering on you and Jacqueline at the Hollywood Half and enjoying the Disneyland Half myself. Plus Ragnar Colorado is on the list. Beyond that I'm planning on focusing on biking for most of the year!

    I am looking at a possible marathon late in the year, possibly MCM.

  2. How cool! I get to run with Jacqueline at Hollywood and you in Anaheim.

    Keep on runnin' and bikin'!


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