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My Favorite Race Moment of 2011 | This Might Be A Surprise

After running 25+ races this year, and had some very monumental events.  I am sure everyone has their guess on what is my favorite race experience in 2011.  My selection will most likely, surprise most, if not all. 

There is a saying that during every dark cloud - there is a silver lining.

On December 4th, as I laid on the cement floor at RnRLV - I had my silver lining in the midst of my tragedy.

I looked up and saw a man walking towards me with a Finisher Medal on.

I had no strength to outwardly smile, but I was smiling inside

I said to him, "look at you, with that Finisher Medal"

That man was my husband.


His journey began after I finished my first Half in 2010.

We were standing around waiting for my Finisher Medal to be engraved.

Right beside us was a morbidly, obese women - sitting on the ground (eating a hamburger lol). She was so obese her stomach was touching the ground between her legs.

My husband was stunned. Why? This woman had a Finisher Medal on.

He said, "okay, if that woman can do it! So can I!"

I said, "honey, you don't know where she is in her fitness journey. She might of lost 150 lbs to be here"

He said, "I know this - but I have no excuse - I will do it next year"


As I did my best to coach him throughout the year, I was often very worried if he could do this distance.

In the Summer, he made the decision to run/walk the Half and do it in less than 3 hours.

He trained well for that big day (night). He ran/walked smart. Here is his course picture:

He finished in 2:50:19

There is a silver lining to everything:  My husband finished his first Half Marathon and I was able to see that Finisher Medal around his neck (sorry, we never did get a picture with his medal).

His finish is my favorite racing moment of 2011

            What is your favorite race day moment of 2011?

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  1. Gosh, it's hard to narrow it down but I have to say running the indoor half marathon in Wisconsin last January was a very unique and cool experience, running the NYC and LA Marathons were beyond amazing but by far, my favorite memory this year was participating in the Hood to Coast on Team LIVESTRONG. Riding in a van with 6 strangers all impacted by cancer in some fashion and becoming great friends by the end of our 30 hour limited sleep journey....and dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean. 13 half/fulls/bike rides this year for a total of well over 200 miles raced. Lots of fantastic memories. Thanks for getting me to think about them all again!

  2. Barbara - thanks for sharing! You have some great memories. Happy New Year!

  3. I think my favorite racing moment was my midnight leg of the Ragnar Relay wasatch back. The distance was 10K. I had already run 8 miles a few hours earlier so I knew I wasn't at the top of my game, and the mental battle of "go for a PR or run easy" kept going back and forth in my head. Temperature was perfect, a nice 50 degrees.

    I had been training all winter and spring for this event. I had a coach. I had been doing hills and speedwork. I was motivated. I was in the best shape of my life.

    I started out without a plan to PR. I was just going to run "fast and comfortable". After 2 miles I realized I was on PR pace. I started keeping the pace intentionally. At about 4 miles I still felt good and picked it up slightly. At 5 miles I knew I could PR and although it was just starting to hurt, I was close enough I could push through it.

    Our race plan had me at the next exchange in 58 minutes. I arrived in 52:52, and the next runner wasn't ready yet. I was too damn fast for him! Ha! It was an (unofficial, unmeasured) 10K PR that I would beat later in the (downhill) last leg of Ragnar Vegas, but it's still a moment I remember because all my hard work and training paid off with a perfectly executed 6.2 miles. I had accomplished something I had not thought possible 53 minutes earlier.

    Since that race I've cut back a little bit on the speed and just enjoyed the running experiences. It's a seasonal thing, though. I'm going to feel the urge to go fast again soon. I just need to pick the race to target....

  4. Dan, thanks for sharing your great moment! I remember how excited you were after Ragnar, and rightfully so! 52 is a great 10K time! I bet you slaughter it soon, too.

    Happy New Years!


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