Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dear Me - A Time to Stay Focused & Affirm

This Blog is inspired by @runningbecause blog "A Letter to Myself"


Dear Me,

Remember when you were lying in the hospital bed weighing 99 lbs and the Dr's told you that you would survive, but your quality of life would be less than it should be. After all, according to them, you were 39 yrs old - I was going down hill, right?

Remember how defiant you became to show them otherwise?

You didn't begin any workout/fitness routine until 8 yrs later. That same year you crossed the finish line in your first long distance race.

Remember how you felt at that moment?  Never forget it.

When others have tried to define you by your awards, PR, race distance or speed - remember how you felt? You became defiant again to define your success on your terms, not by the opinions of others.

You see, Me - never forget those moments you had of victory at Hoover Dam, ET, Snow Canyon, Turkey Trot or others. And don't forget the feeling you had the day after Ladybug died or at RnRLV.

All those are the moments that have defined you - but in your way, on your terms.

Make 2012 about what you want in your career. Never forget the Me.  

Afterall, you are only 50 yrs old.

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Run F.A.B.,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. Love the post! It's funny to write something like I did that is somewhat personal only to see it inspire others to do the same. Never my intent, but we should all look at ourselves every so often in an honest way.

  2. Thanks for commenting, David. I know how you feel about seeing a Blog inspire others. I have a few that developed a life of their own.

    Yes, we should look at ourselves in an honest way, not only on New Year's but year round.

    Happy New Year!


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