Tuesday, December 27, 2011

*CHAR SHARES* Persistence || One Step At A Time

This morning at the Vet's office waiting for our puppy, Daisy Mae's to get her stitches removed (spayed two weeks ago) - my youngest son asked me what my next race was.

10K Resolution Run on New Year's Eve

He looked at me very confused and said, "but I thought you didn't like running 10k's?"

I said, "I don't like running 10k's but for me to be a better & stronger Half Marathoner and Full Marathoner - I need to be a better 10k racer"

He said, "oh. I get it. You sometimes have to do the things you don't like - to be a better runner, right?"

I said, "yep, it's all part of the big picture and goals"

My 10 yr old figured it out, but how often as adults we forget that every mile, every workout, everything we eat (or don't eat) will affect our bigger goals.

Like many of you - I ate way too many cookies at Christmas. Even with my lightning speed metabolism, I felt BLEH yesterday. I felt overstuffed, big time. I then, decided - to toss the cookies and start anew, not keep eating cookies.

How many times, when we forget a workout we say, "why bother to run today? I already screwed up this week"

Or when we have eaten too much or too much of a bad thing "I will just keep eating, I screwed up anyways!"

Think about that, we have all done it. But, if you have fallen off the wagon - why keep laying there. Stop right where you are and change your direction.

Pursue your goal. Be persistent. It's never, ever too late to set a goal.

Remember, I "ran" my first mile at the age of 48 yrs old. Less than 7 months later I ran my first Half Marathon in 2:11:54. 11 months after that, at the age of 49, I ran a Half Marathon in 1:44:19. If you knew my medical history prior to running, you would realize what a miraculous feat that is for me to even do pursue a Half Marathon.

My loved ones call me stubborn. When I wrap my brain around a goal - there is nothing stopping me. Nothing.

When I want to be healthy - I pushed to that goal and I still do that.

Don't let the end of 2011 be the "I wish I had finished my year stronger" - Make it Stronger. Go run, go walk, go hike. Finish your Year in a way that finishes strong and you feeling good!  The year is not over until midnight.

How will you spend the last hours and days of 2011?

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