Thursday, November 17, 2011


From:  Tim Kelly, Las Vegas Running Club


Anyone Can Ride A Bike, Right?

We were asked this past week to round up 100 cyclists to participate in the event in December.  

The cyclists will be asked to try to maintain a wall of separation between the half-marathoners as they leave their respective corrals (all 40!), and the marathoners who return to Las Vegas Blvd. after roaming aimlessly through an industrial wasteland west of the 15.

There really ain't nothing to it other than riding along enjoying the evening and occasionally asking a Half-Marathoner to stay to the right of the cones so the Full Marathoners might have one lane to themselves.

If you know of friends, family members, co-workers or perfect strangers that might like to enjoy a ride inside the world's largest nighttime running event, then please have them get in touch with me (Tim Kelly): CLICK HERE

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