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Tips for Rock n Roll Vegas | How to Prep & Survive the Night

I live in Vegas and I am a nighttime runner, year round. I thought I would share with you some of the best tips I have used in the past year during runs/races.
*If you have any tips you wish to share, please feel free to post them in the comment section. 

Nighttime Race Day Tips for Rock n Roll Vegas

1. Bring a Leaf Garbage Bag. The LARGE type. Slit a few holes in it and cover yourself while you are waiting in the corral. When your corral gets close to the start – rip it off and discard to the side of the road.

2. Wear gloves. Buy the cheapy $1 gloves at WalMart, Target, etc – you can discard if you get too warm and it’s no loss.

3. GLOVES at the aid station. As you are coming up on the aid station to take your hydration , REMOVE the glove you wish to hold our cup. You WILL get water on your hands, so it’s better to not to wear a glove. Wet gloves do not make great running partners.

4. Dress in layers. Listen to those who have run cold weather runs! They have learned the hard way. Wear a TIGHT fitting shirt (Underarmor) and then a tank or singlet on top. Wear a arm sleeves. This way, if you do get too warm – you can push them down. If you were long sleeves, then you are stuck (if you get too warm).

5. Wear longer shorts, but don’t cover your legs completely. Again, you might get TOO warm out there (and you will warm up) so best to be a tad bit on the cooler side at the start. Compression socks are great to wear too.

6. Do not tighten your shoes too tight! That’s an invitation for blisters to form. Keep them on the slightly loose side.

7. USE BODY GLIDE, EVERSTRIDE or whatever you prefer – ALL over your body. Every toe, every “crack” everywhere. Better to be lubed up than have blisters. Don’t forget the bottom of your feet! TIP: Before I get dressed, I turn ALL my gear inside out and I spread the lube on all the seams or edges. I have logged over 1000 miles this year and I have never had one blister by using lubing all the time.

8. Cover your ears. Vegas does have BREEZES – especially in the winter. It’s COLD

9. If it happens to rain on race day- wear a hat or a visor. This keeps the rain off your face and #7 is essential for rain races!

10. While standing in your Corral – shake your legs out – loosen up and warm up! Stay warm. Warm muscles run better.

11.  Your last two long runs (pre-race) should be DRESS REHEARSALS, where everything you would wear during the race.  That also means, run at night.  


  • One week before race day – start changing your eating patterns. If you have a particular meal you like pre-race, then make that your lunch or late afternoon snack. Practice your nutrition plan over and over.

I know this is Vegas, but keep the partying to after the race. Alcohol will not be your friend come race day. There is plenty of time to party it up afterwards. Your focus should be to cross the finish line healthy and safe.

  • Carb up 2-3 days before, each day. Here is a link to the carb loading menu/guide I used on my last Half Marathons (I PR’d on both by at least 11 minutes). CLICK HERE

  • Fuel up. Your body will need more energy to run through the cold temps. Plan and practice your fueling NOW, not the night before.

  • Drink plenty of water. When you are carb loading, hydra load.

Have a GREAT race day experience!  I look forward to welcoming all of you to my city!

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
Certified Sports Nutritionist, Running Coach & Public Speaker
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  1. I'm running my first half marathon next weekend in Vegas! :)

  2. Hello stuckoutsidethebox - I am THRILLED you picked the Vegas race as your first Half. My first ever race (yes, RACE) was the Vegas Half, just last year. Soak up the energy, enjoy the lights and have fun! You only get one First Half Marathon Experience. Make it your own and good luck!

  3. Great tips... I plan on putting them to good use! :)

  4. Thank you for all these posts! I've been reading your blog and am running Vegas as my 1st half ever. I'm still working on my nutrition during the race. So cool to see you are a FitFluential Ambassador with Kelly! I have a weight loss/running blog and started this year with my 1st 5k. Hope to run into you in Vegas!

    1. You will be FAB-O! Vegas Half 2010 was my first ever race. I will be at the Expo on Friday from 2pm-close and Saturday from Open to Close. Come by and say "hi"!


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