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A Tip To Ensure Your Loved Ones Won't Miss Your Big Finish

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  • Remember how the Timing texting didn't work last year at Vegas?  (no fault of RnR/Competitor Group - the 3rd party vendor has some technical issues that morning)

  • You have loved ones waiting for you at the finish and not quite sure what time to tell them to be there?

Here is what I did last year for my family - and my husband will be doing it for me this year (he will walk/run the Half, I am running the Half)

If you are planning to take your cell phone with you in your fuel/hydration belt...this will work for you.

Before the race.  Type a message "Mile 11" (for the Half) or "Mile 24" (for the Full) and hit SAVE.  Make sure you have the receivers name/phone number on the text, too.

When you reach Mile 11/24 - pull out your phone out of your belt - and hit SEND. It won't disrupt your pace nor your time, by only a few seconds. 

That will give any loved one notice you are on your way - whether it be 15, 45 or whatever time

This worked out perfectly last year, as the texting system did not work and my husband and kids would of missed me running  into the Finish Line, if they had waited as long as I told them too (yes, I finished faster than I thought I would).

I will do the same method when I am running my first Full Marathon.  At various stops I will send saved messages to let my family know where I am.  Not only does this give them an idea of where I am, it is also for safety.  They can be assured, I am okay and heading to the Finish.  

Do you have any tricks to alert your family members you are coming into the Finish?  

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