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RACE REPORT: National Veterans Day 11K on 11/11/11

National Veterans Day 11k on 11/11/11 

This was an interesting week leading up to the event.  I had just finished Snow Canyon Half the week before and Hoover Dam Half  the week before that.  I wasn't as tired as I thought I would be after Snow Canyon, but I was dealing with post-race back/side spasms, due to a weird bed in St. George, UT

It hits it's peak on Tuesday. Thank goodness for a great Chiropractor who is also a runner. 

By the time Friday came around for the race, I wasn't in severe pain, but nagging pain.  Raising my arm above shoulder height was not possible.

So............I went into this race event to just run, Honor our Veterans and try out some of my gear for RnRLV.  This 11K was also at night, so it was a perfect scenario. 

I didn't plan to race this race, at all.  But, I know I needed to keep a strong pace so I was not running for a long time.  My goal was to keep it at 9:00/min or less.  That was achieved.

The course was at Kellogg-Zaher Park.  I was familiar with the course from a previous 10k race. 

Arriving early so my kids could help set up.  With my limited mobility, there wasn't much I could do.  My boys were also human "arrows" pointing the runners in the right direction.  The course was in and out and around a lot. 

After a the National Anthem - the gun went off.  Within the first half mile, I could feel my side and back start to tighten up.  This wasn't side stitches, it was the muscle spasms.  I stopped at the first aid station, drank a few sips and took more deep breathes. 

By Mile 3, I was feeling pretty good.  So, I just kept on my pace (around 8:25ishy) and turned on my tunes to keep me company. 

Night was great, not too cold.  That's always a plus.

As I turned the last corner into Mile 6 - another female runner came along side of me, right on my shoulder.  I looked at her and smiled.  I could tell she was trying to keep pace with me.  That's always fun. 

With the Finish Line and Crowds, the "Running Coach" kicked in and I said to her, "let's show them what you got!  Come on, keep up with me...."

And I went into a full sprint and boy, did she hustle!  She kept up with me until about the last 100 yards.  She crossed the finish line about 4 seconds after me. Looking at my Garmin that last half mile, I was running at a 5:23 pace.  Okay, that's not going to happen often, now will it?

The crowds went crazy when they saw us running in at a full sprint.  I think they thought we were competing against each other - in fact, we were just having fun to the finish.  Two ladies, "middle aged" cranking it.

My finish time:  1:00:01  - yea, 2 seconds away from breaking 1 hour.  That's an 8:45 pace.  Not bad with a bad back.

We received our shirts, lapel pins and I had the VIP Registration, so I could receive the Finisher Medal, too.

Below is the only picture I have from that night.  Sorry, it is so dark.  

Had a nice evening and another great racing bling to add to the 2011 collection. 

With Medal and Ladybug's Ball
Finisher Medal and Lapel Pin

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,

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