Saturday, November 26, 2011

RACE REPORT: LVTC 12K | My 50th Birthday Race

So, this is what 50 yrs old feels like?

It feels AWESOME!

I woke up this morning with a real scratchy throat. I popped a few lozenges and I was good to go. Ankle & shin were feeling tight, but much better than they were a few days ago. 

As I continued to get ready - my family called for me to come downstairs. I was met at the bottom of my stairs with smiling husband, kids, hyper dogs and this cake:

Then, my kids gave me this gift. Can you tell they love and miss Ladybug too? Yes, they picked this and bought this with their own money. No help from Daddy, whatsoever.

We headed off to the LVTC "Run Your Turkey Off" 12K at Sunrise Picnic area. Hubby and youngest son were going to run the 2 mile, while my oldest decided he wanted to "guard the backpack" (aka "I don't want to run, Mom!")

Here is a picture of the picnic area

After arriving, fellow runner, Giovanni and his family arrived.  It was his son's FIRST-EVER race.  How special!  Another reason to celebrate race day.

Here is the Ladybug Brigade (me and my family) pre-race (we are all dressed in purple)

It was cold and breezy. Oh joy. But the sun came out and started warm up quickly. I was armed and ready with my purple accessories (see below). Headband, Knee High socks, Gloves, Purple Nail polish and even a Purple Gel (PowerBar Berry Blast)

A good friend, Sheina showed up (all dressed in purple!). We have not seen each other in over 8 months, so it was so special to see her. We decided to run together. She is such a brave soul. She is coming off an injury and still is working her way back, but yet - she came out to run this race.

Sheina and I started at a pace of between 9:30-1045 pace. I enjoyed chatting with her. It was a good distraction from the bland little trail we were running on.

Around the Mile 6 Marker, Sheina wanted to slow it down (injury recovery - she is such a smart runner) and I went onto the finish at as good as sprint as I good (small speedwork time - I was not looking for any particular finish time, trust me).

Looking at my Garmin splits for the last 1.5+ miles I was at a 6:52-7:30 pace. That probably was a little too much for me, this close to Vegas. My Finish Time was around 1:15, I think. 

As I came up to the Finish Line - I saw my sons holding a "Happy Birthday" sign. See below

Here is me coming into the Finish Line, my first race as a 50 yr old. Sorry it's a little distorted, I look quite "squishy"

As I crossed, my husband informed me that he and my son took 3rd place in their Age Divisions. This was my husband's FIRST-ever running Award. That just made my day!

THEN...I was greeted by a friend with a wonderful Cherry Cake.

We waited around for the Awards, and I earned 2nd place in my Age Division. And as a surprise, the entire crowd broke out in a "Happy Birthday" song.

Talk about feeling special!

Here is a picture of me and Sheina, post race. Can you believe I found another runner who is taller than me?

Here we are with our Age Division ribbons (son has sun in his eyes)

I couldn't think of any other way to spend my birthday AM. Running with my family and friends. Thank you all for making it so special.

What am I doing the rest of the day/weekend?  We have some shopping to...we have this little race with 44K friends next weekend.  

Have you ever had a Birthday Run/Race?  Please share your story.....

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,

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  1. awesome! congrats to all of you!!! wahoooo~!
    we have a jack, too. long legged bugger.....
    i have never run on my birthday, at least not raced on my birthday. it falls in just a few weeks, so the season around here has pretty much ended, or at least the snow shoe races haven't started yet.
    sure wish i was going to be among your 44k friends next weekend....
    have a great time!!!!
    (and happy birthday!!!!)

  2. Thanks, Gene :) We miss our Ladybug, but we keep good memories alive in our hearts.

    Running on your bday is fun, maybe you will get the chance, some year.

    Thanks for the comment and bday wishes!

  3. Yay! what a great family/birthday celebration!


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