Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Day Dinner Menu

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. That time of year to justify the yearly gluttony. Its’ that time of year we over eat to the point of making ourselves sick. But, that isn’t what saddens me. It’s that the FOCUS is the food, not the people in our lives. Yea, I am back on my soapbox about Food is Nutrition folks. It’s nothing more than that. When you eat it – your stomach does not throw a party of happiness, it takes what you ate and makes it into garbage or energy.

I hated holidays as a kid, plain and simple – I felt HORRIBLE after the huge dinners and snacking. Even then I was tuned into how my body feels with food (although, I didn’t act on that feeling for years to come).

Now, I am met with the challenge of ensuring my family has a great holiday of fun, excitement and a dinner they can enjoy, but also be healthy.  What can we do to ensure that the FOOD is not the experience or the holiday?  Below is our recipe for the day - farther down, you will reach how we will strive to make the day the focus, not the food. 

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*Turkey – will be cooked in our NuWave Oven with simple splices of salt, pepper, lemon, garlic and stuffed with onions.

*Stuffing - Pear, Prosciutto & Hazelnut Stuffing - this is unbelieveable!

*Cranberry Relish – Simple to make and so refreshing!(best part – this can be made up to 3 days in advance)

*Green Bean Casserole - a great alternative to the traditional high fat, high calorie & high salt dish!

*Vegetables – Cider Glazed with Cinnamon Walnuts. Colorful and so tasty!
Stuffing – Prosciutto, Pear & Hazelnut come together for an incredible stuffing! (some of this can be made in advance)

*Dessert – Crustless Pumpkin Pie (can be made the day before)


*What about Gravy?  
The dishes have SO much flavor, why cover it up?

*What will you put on the Baked Sweet Potato?  
Haven't decided yet 

*How much will this all cost?
The average family of four will spend more than $200 on Thanksgiving Dinner. Not in our house. This entire meal will cost us less than $100 (including the Turkey)

*Your husband is a Chef, who will do the cooking that day?  
Traditionally, we got out to eat. It’s just easier for us. This year, our schedule on that day is just a little different so it will be entire family event. Preparing the food is part of our holiday experience. My sons will also have responsibilities for certain side dishes. We will turn on music, sing, laugh and whatever else makes us happy to be together. That is the focus of our Thanksgiving Day. 

Are you making any healthier changes to your Thanksgiving Day Dinner?  Please share -

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