Monday, November 21, 2011

Las Vegas Track Club's "Run Your Turkey Off" 12k and 2 Miler This Weekend | Oh yea, it's my Birthday, too

We have a great week planned in our household - not only is it Thanksgiving, but my husband's and I's birthday are this week, too. Yea, Thanksgiving is kinda busy and fun in our house!

As I draw closer to my 50th birthday - I do think about my life for the last 50 years. I don't dwell on what I wish I could of changed of did differently. It's past. All I can do is plan and hope for a great future. I have incredibly amazing school-aged children; two spunky dogs who make me laugh every day and a husband who is my soul mate and my best friend for over a decade. My life is rich with AMAZING friends who I can't imagine my life without them.

In case you didn't know, I will be running the Las Vegas Track Club's "Run Your Turkey Off" 12K this Saturday (my birthday). No 50 miles for me!  

CLICK HERE for details and a map to the race location, Sunrise Park.

I will be decked out in purple. Why purple? It's my favorite color. I typically don't wear purple, but every year - until I was 16 yrs. old, I use to wear purple on my birthday. So, I thought - why not, this year?

Come on out - have some fun with other runners. Run a 12K or the 2 Miler. $5 for non-track club member and $3 for members. Those 10 and younger are free. LVTC events are ALWAYS fun, light-hearted and great for any fitness level.  This is better than trying to fight through the Malls, isn't it?

So - look for me - I will be looking like a Running Grape (or is it an Eggplant?) and even though I will be 50 yrs old on that day - I won't be running (nor walking) with a cane, that is for sure!

If you do come out, be sure to say "hi" or at least wave - I LOVE meeting other runners!

I hope to see you on Saturday!

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