Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am One of the 1% || Occupy Main Street

The SAD debate over the recent Marathon deaths.  My heart breaks for the families and their losses. 

How many runners out there are now on the receiving end of a lot of more criticism about running and it will "kill you"

I have.

Here is what one friend said to me, "Running is bad for you, you are destined to die"

I said, "I know. People who don't run are immortal"

(she said nothing)

Another reply to another friend

"Yea, so does smoking and drinking. I quit smoking over 6 yrs ago so I had to find something to kill me"

(she also said nothing)

Folks, the reality is - we will ALL die whether it is running or in the bathtub.

When I started running, I was told by Doctors my knees desperately needed replacement surgery. Nope, all I needed was good shoes and proper form.

When I blew out my hip, I was told I would not be as strong as I use to be. 4 5K Pr's, 2 10k Pr's, 3 Half Marathon Pr's and qualifying for the USATF Master's Team later....I think I can say they were all wrong in their predictions. Most importantly, I have been injury free since then.

The body is a hearty machine, but very delicate. There are people who die of mysterious diseases all the time. Sometimes even the most medical technology cannot detect a heart condition.

For the mainstream media who chooses to idolize the athletes and then tear down the sport - we are the 1%. It's an Occupy Wall Street in Reverse.

Instead of taking to the streets in protest in anger. We protest the epidemic of obesity, high medical costs and stressful lives - by taking to the streets in the quest for health and fitness.

If I have to choose when I die - I would rather die inches away from the Finish Line than inches away from the Remote Control. 

Share your story - how have your non-running friends reacted to the news of recent marathon deaths?

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Celebrate Your Finish,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. Thank you for posting this, Charlene! It's exactly how I feel. If I were to collapse a few feet from the finish line or shortly after a race for asking my body to give all it can give, then I can assure you that the party on the other side will be far superior than the medal on this one. :)

    As a personal trainer, I hear excuses all of the time. I sometimes smirk to call my real industry 'The business of deflecting excuses'. I believe that most of these comments come from someone looking for a scapegoat to excuse a lifestyle of sitting on a couch eating bon bons. It makes me honestly grieve for them because when I look at someone obese and hopeless to ever change, what I really see is a champion that is screaming to get out. I know it's there whether they know it or not. Even if it's not running that they find as a passion, there is something active that the body is just begging to do.

    Thank you for being an Amassador to health and fitness and being in the trenches of the war with me.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the comment and the perspective.

    Yes, we have a culture of excuses and laying the blame on anything or anybody else, not just in our country either.

    Thank YOU for being an Ambassador of Fitness. Together, the war will be won


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