Sunday, November 20, 2011

2 Most Asked Questions -

Since I will have run 30 races in 2011 – many have asked me the same questions -

“How do you train for your races, if you are racing almost every weekend? 

“When are your Long Run Days?”

My Answers:

1. Race days are training days for me. I use them as my speed work day (like yesterday’s 5K), gain race experience, dress rehearsal for gear checks, working on nutrition and hydration plan, etc. I plan my training schedule around races, so I can race.

2. My long runs are typically Monday’s. If I am not racing on a given Saturday or Sunday, I will often have my long run on a weekend day.

I remain flexible in my training schedule; it’s just a guide that can be changed.

So, the next time you see me running a 5K or even a 10K – know it is my speed work day. Next time you see me running a Half Marathon, I am in training for my next Half or Full Marathon. 

It’s a never-ending cycle and I like it that way! It challenges me to stay focused and enjoy each race event.

What about you? How do you alter your training schedule for race days?

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