Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I Did Not Run the Vegas Ragnar Relay

Many runners have asked me why I chose not to run the Vegas Ragnar, this year.

From the time I started competitive racing, I always had goals and a strategy how I would achieve those goals.

In 2010 - it was to complete the Vegas Half Marathon (accomplished)

In 2011 - my goal was to compete in 11 races (accomplished and then some) and to sub2 at Vegas Half.

Quite frankly, the idea of running a Ragnar was not even on my radar until after I registered for my first Full Marathon (LA - March, 2012). At that time, I knew I had the mental stamina to pull off a Ragnar.  However, my goal was and still is to sub2 at Vegas Half.  Every race leading up to that day in December was a practice for Vegas. A Ragnar was not part of my plan to help me achieve my Vegas Half goal. 

In addition, the Hoover Dam Half is in 6 days - and it is one of my Vegas tune-ups. I felt by running the Ragnar, that would of potentially hurt my chances to run a strong race at Hoover and Snow Canyon Half the next weekend.

I have perfect peace being one of the Vegas runners not running Ragnar, this year. Next year - I hope to find a team.

Again, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all my Vegas running buddies who did an outstanding job in their Relay Legs. Despite dusty roads, egg throwing spectators, the dead of night, fatigue, no showers, little sleep and well - everything else in between - YOU DID IT! You inspired many people and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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  1. Wise choice not to run. Every race should fit into a training plan somewhere, especially Ragnar Relays which don't have standard mileages to test yourself on.

    I do have to thank you personally for all the tips you post and your focus on breathing and form. I used your advice specifically on my Ragnar legs and performed way beyond my expectations. It works.

    See you in Vegas at the half... at least from behind as you race your way to glory!

  2. Hi Dan, thank you for your input and comments. As you are a Veteran Ragnar Runner, I take that advise to heart. You can ask your wife, on the way home from ET, I was drilling her about Ragnar and what to expect, if I ever chose to run it. You two are such great people - I am so glad we met.

    You are more than welcome for the tips. I believe we all have something to offer other runners in the community or on the internet. Some people agree and some don't. What I offer, works for me and I am glad it has worked for you, too. Keep me posted and I will NOT be ahead of you at Vegas. I don't know many athletic men I can beat. I am only shooting for a sub2 (as in 1:59:59) - it's not like I am going for 1:30 - You big goof. :)

    We will BOTH we running to Glory that day. It's out city, our night - let's knock it out of the ball park for Vegas!


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