Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Running Gear Organizing Dilemma Solved | Just Keep it Rolled

In the past year - my wardrobe has changed dramatically. I now have a collection of technical tshirts, shorts and then the dreaded cotton shirts that race organizers keep on insisting to hand to us (like we are going to wear a cotton shirt on a Half or Full?)

As a person who rolls my shirts (have done that for years and it saves SO much space) - I was still left with the biggest frustration of them all - messy piles within my drawers. 

When I want a shirt in the drawer - it will always mess up, unroll (unfold) the shirts right next to it. Then, my neat drawer is now a technical gear pile. I refuse to use all my good hangers for race day gear and take up more hanging closet space. 

So - this is what I did to solve the issue

I bought a 3 drawer plastic dresser. That way, I keep that in my walk-in closet and I keep my workout gear separate from my work, church and everyday wear.  I do not wear my training gear for other aspects of my life.

  • First drawer - technical shirts
  • Second drawer - cotton shirts, etc
  • Third drawer - shorts/bottoms

To solve the problem of the shirt ending up in a pile each day - I deiced to wrap a rubberband around each shirt. I also do that for the cotton race day shirts.

Here is a picture of my technical shirts inside my drawer:

I have been doing this for a month and guess what? I sure keeps my drawers a lot more organized and the shirts easier to find! I am so much happier. 

Do you you organize your gear in a unique way? Have any tips for others? Please share.

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  1. I am so glad i read this post. Going to try this as i have drawers filled with race shirts and running gear!

  2. Hi Elisa - thanks for the comment. Let me know how you like the tips or if you develop some tips of your own. Happy Organizing!


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