Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning | Here We Go Again

Hope everyone had a great weekend - racing or not.  I did not race - my next race is the Hoover Dam Half Marathon on October 29th with Calico RacingIt's my favorite place to run - I can't wait to run that course again!

Sunday morning I was glued to the LIVE Streaming of the Chicago Marathon. What an amazing event! I had several friends running that race, I was hoping to see them. It's always fun to track progress and cheer from afar. I am happy to report all my friends finished. Two of them, this was their first Full. Congrats to all!

Monday morning - I see an onslaught of Twitter, Facebook and DailyMile updates giving race reports or training reports. I see a very alarming trend - COMPLAINERS.

Why is it that almost every run we do we have to complain about SOMETHING. My knee hurts, my shin hurts, the dog was chasing me, the course was bad, the weather took my energy...etc etc.

Can we just accept it is what it is? We will have bad runs/races. We will have bad races, but if EVERY run/race we do we are seeing the negative in the experience, why do we run? Maybe if we focus on the good of the run, we might experience better runs? Food for Thought. 

Running is about fun, exercise, competition and self-achievement. Don't believe me - stop running for any period of time and you will miss it.

For now - Celebrate Your Finish and move onward. Share with us what you LIKED about the race/run. Share the love of the sport - not the "my stupid ITB is hurting again, so I missed out on a PR" My recommendation to you is to seek out medical attention, rest and allow your body to heal so you don't ruin another run/race for yourself.  

Be happy you have a healthy body you CAN run. There are many who cannot.

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Celebrate Your Finish,

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  1. In all fairness, I'm not sure that all the race reports are truly complaining.

    Like you, I've taken to posting all my workouts (and races) on DailyMile, and to avoid things getting overly repetitive, I've tried to make comments about each workout to describe something unique about it. How I'm feeling. Why I'm running faster (or slower). When something truly unique happens. Of course, when I put forth a hard effort in a race, my day-after (or two) reports are doubtless going to include pain or tightness here or there (in the best case) or an injury (in the worst case). It's not complaining, it's just honesty.

    Many of my friends who are newer to running follow my progress and it's good for them to see what's normal. Sometimes it's a great run. Sometimes (one in twenty or thirty runs) I end up totally flopping and cutting the workout early. That's reality, and it's good for a new runner to see that if one workout is a "failure" that it's not a big deal, just rest and come back in the next day or two and conquer.

    As for failing to meet race goals, it's the responsible thing to do to figure out why. Last Saturday I didn't do as well on my 5K as I had hoped, and I tried to diagnose the problem (started out too fast). I wasn't complaining so much as making a note for myself what lesson I learned so that I could do better the next time.

    Running is fun, but it's not 100% fun 100% of the time. We shouldn't sugar coat it and pretend that new runners will never have shin, knee, or IT band pain. We should show by example that sometimes these pains are normal, and we rest and recover and come back stronger, and that we don't let these things stop us (for long).

  2. Hi Dan, thank you for the insightful comment. I always appreciate hearing what others have to say.

    I agree, not all race reports are negative and we should not sugar coat it. But, it seems to be such a trend of a lot of complainers ONLY focusing on the bad of their runs/races.

    Thank you again for your great words.

  3. I like what Dan had to say... and while I try to not complain all the time in online forums (or life in general) I also try to mention some of the downer aspects and then counter them with something more positive.

  4. Hi Jill - your posts are always well balanced, that is for sure! Life isn't a bed of roses all the time, but it sure isn't miserable, either. :)


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