Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hoover Dam Half Thoughts and Perspective

In less than a week - I will be running the Hoover Dam Half Marathon.

Many will say, "so what?"

Those who know me and/or follow my blog will know that there is never an ordinary race with me. Each race (especially longer distances) have some meaning or purpose.

Not only is this another tune-up for me for Vegas Half - it has a strong emotional attachment - 6 Tunnels.

I first ran 6 Tunnels course back in February as a training run. It was in training for the 6 Tunnels Half in March.

As we all can remember, I had to change to a 5K for that race, because of Ladybug's illness. And then running the 5K the day after she died. There isn't much what I remember about that race course of that day - except coming up on Mile 2 and seeing Ladybug running beside me. She knew the perfect time to come along side of me - a second before, the emotions of her death were starting to get to me. She lead me to the finish - all the way to a new PR and 2nd in my Age Group, too.

Then, the next time I ran 6 tunnels - was another 5K. My first race after my hip injury and first race for my husband to come to since the Vegas Half. Once again, Ladybug didn't let me down. She joined me at Mile 2 and brought me into the finish line taking 3rd Female Overall (and another PR).

This time - and several Half Marathons later - I am excited about running 6 Tunnels. You see, Ladybug has a buddy in Heaven. His name is Bryce Erekson. He is the late brother of family friends. If you ran Twilight - you saw the first loop dedicated to him.

I know Bryce will help his brothers, Rob and Ron during the Hoover Half and Ladybug will help me. Heck, they probably are conspiring together to push us all to the finish!

On that day, I will wear my typical running gear but I will add my green bandana around my neck (to keep the dust from getting in my mouth that could cause me an asthma attack). It's the same bandana I wore the 5K after Ladybug died. I have not worn it since. I think it's time to wear it, again.

Green Bandana with my Ladybug Visor

My race day goal is very simple: Be happy to be able to finally run at 6 Tunnels HALF. The location that I love and hold so dear.

I can't wait to run those last few miles and have Ladybug and Bryce meet us there and help us cross the finish line.

It will be a good day with or without a PR.

What have been some of your special races this year?  

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