Saturday, October 8, 2011

*CHAR SHARES* It's All About Perception | How Often It is Wrong

Judgements are that - judging.  I find it quite insulting that another runner will judge another, based on their own personal values or ideals.  This is what I call a Runner Snob.  Been around enough of them to know - they make my skin crawl.   I avoid associating with them at races.  I am not intimidated by them, I just choose not to associate with them.  I don't need snobbery affecting my race day experience.

I have repeatedly and consistently PR'd in 5K's, 10k's and Half Marathons this past year.  Winning/Placing Overall or Age Division in almost all of my races.  YET - there are those who feel they have the RIGHT to tell me how to run or WHY I should race. Last time I checked, racing was a solo sport. 


For me, I train alone (90% of the time) - I go to races by myself (although, I do bring my kids) - but rarely do I go to race with the intent of meeting up with another runner(s).  It's just my personality and my nature. 

Does that make me a non-team player? My focus is the race and finishing well and healthy.

Yes, last weekend I ran with the wonderful people of R.O.A.R. - they asked me to, and I was very happy to accept.

I am one of those lone runners - who runs for myself. I LOVE the energy, excitement and preparations of race day and being there as the racers come in. Sure, I have a GREAT time socializing with racers after the race.

But, for me - that isn't why I race. I race for my personal sense of accomplishment. As an added perk - I meet my runner friends at the event.

Yet - because I do not belong to any official "team" I have been told I am not a true racer.

To my critics - you think what you want, but you are no one to judge WHY I run or who I associate with. The race time is my time, but I will be the one running out to a fellow runner - when YOU leave them stranded on the course...I will be the person standing at the finish line cheering them on the last finishers, while YOU are standing off in the distance bragging about your race, not associating with the "slow runners".  

Next time you want to point fingers at me or ANY runner for THEIR purpose - turn the finger back on yourself, would ya? 

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  1. You go, girl! Great post! :)

  2. Thanks, Joey! I am amazed how many runner snobs there are. Every runs for THEIR reason - it is not their place to judge.


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