Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1000 Miles | This Is What I Have Learned

This past Saturday I reached a milestone. I logged 1000 miles for 2011. 

Since January – I have learned a lot about myself and running – Here is a few things I have learned in those 1000 miles

Worst Advise I Have Received:

• “Teach your body to not need hydration for a half marathon. Only wet your mouth, never drink it”
• “Run tempo on all your training runs to increase your speed”
• “Run every day to build your endurance”
• “Running 5K races are a waste of time and will never help you with your Half Marathons”
• “Run through all the pains – makes you stronger”
• “Nutrition isn’t that big of a deal – you are a runner, eat whatever you want”

Best Advise I Have Received:

  • ·         “Slather on Glide all over” (I currently use EverStride)
  • ·         “Never wear Cotton shirts for any distance above 5K”
  • ·         “Rotate your shoes”
  • ·         “Form is your best defense against fatigue and injury”
  • ·         “Let me introduce you to ChiRunning….”
  • ·         “Read Born to Run”
  • ·         “Try KT Tape”
  • ·         “Trust your body and what is telling you.  Know when to back off and when to crank it up”
  • ·         “Speed is not everything”
  • ·         “Celebrate your own personal finish”
  • ·         “Ice your knees and ankles after each run, even if you are not hurting”
  • ·         “Wear arm sleeves – and when it gets too warm, push them down and you can use them as sweat bands”
  • ·         “Your races will be won or lost by what you eat, not what you don’t eat”
  • ·         “Write the names of special people on the back of your bib – for each mile marker.  That way, when you are on that mile – you think of them and what they mean to you, not your physical struggles”
  • ·         "Wear Compression Socks"

What I Learned About Myself:

• It’s a good thing to be an average runner/athlete
• I still get excited to receive a Finisher Medal
• I am still surprised when I receive an Overall and/Age Division Award
• I have a genuine desire to help other runners stay healthy and injury free
• When my mind wants to quit – all I do is think about running that race the day after Ladybug passed away
• When my body wants to quit – all I do is think about my injury at the Laughlin Half
• I still don’t like running with an iPod
• I have learned to value my Garmin
• I prefer to be a solo running during training
• After a race, I still enjoy cheering in the other runners
• I can coach other runners
• I like Chocolate Milk (after a race)

Next week, I reach another milestone – the one year anniversary of my first-ever double digit training run. I remember that day, like it was yesterday. In many ways, that was more important to me than many of my races. When I reached that 10 mile mark – I knew I could RUN the Vegas Half.

What milestones are important to you? What have you learned in the process? Please share -

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. Hi Emmy - thanks for the compliment!

    I would love to hear your milestone stories :)

  2. good tips! one milestone for me was when i ran 13 miles 'for fun' while on vacation this summer. i've done a few halfs, and had just barely started training for my first full when i did those 13. i got up early and just went for a run. i didn't die when i got back, and that was very encouraging!
    lately, i ran 23.3 as a long run. it was a great confidence booster to do it.
    i have learned to trust my body, not my mind....

  3. Hi Gene - thanks for sharing your milestone. That's a biggie! Amazing how much confidence we gain when we reach certain miles. You feel like you can conquer anything, huh?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Very cool post. Congrats on the 1000. For me: I will have finished my 10th marathon on Nov 5.

  5. Hi Jeremy! Wow - 10 Marathons - that's great! Which one? Good Luck to you and thanks for commenting.

  6. Saddleback Marathon and then we got the Catalina Eco Marathon the following weekend. We have a very busy race schedule over the next couple of months.


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