Monday, September 12, 2011

Back From Vacation and Getting Ready for Twilight | Running With a Purpose

Hello Everyone! No, I didn’t fall off the planet – I was on a week long family vacation in Southern California. Specifically, Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Before I left for my time away, I had set a goal to run 3 times and work out (core/strengthening) at least 3 times. I watched my diet very carefully - only allowing for two "splurges" - ice cream sundae and a coconut donut.  I am happy to report I only gained 1 lb.  :)  Well, I did the my core/strength 4 times a week and ran twice for 5+ miles each run. It was heaven. Not only was the weather cooler (although, I did have humidity to deal with) – it was just NICE to run by one of my favorite places in the world – Disneyland.

In front of It's a Small World - my sentimental favorite Disneyland Ride

This coming Saturday, I will be running/racing the Inaugural Twilight Half Marathon by Calico Racing at Red Rock Canyon. By the way, it is not about sparkly, teenage vampires – it’s a night race and the start time is at Twilight (8pm).

As with any race pre-RnRLV – this will be an opportunity for me to conquer a huge fear of mine. I mean HUGE. Red Rock hills. The first 6 are a bear, a growling bear.

This will be another training run – no goal time. I run best when I allow my legs to go as they wish. If needed, I will give myself time to walk, too.

While I doubt I will duplicate the magical feeling I had on the ET Half – it will be a triumph in many ways.

I will share that road with many of my racer friends. One friend, who has stood by me on many occasions and supported me in many situations had a tragic loss this past week. His younger brother passed away. He has an incredible spiritual and loving family and my heart just breaks for them. I will do my best to run along my friend to honor his late brother and to offer my support on the course.

Running often becomes those faith-testing times. Where we run for a race, but in reality – we are honoring someone we loved and lost.

I know that feeling all too well. The day I laid my precious Ladybug to rest, feels like yesterday. Every time I step up to the start line or when things get rough for me during a race, I turn to her for my strength and motivation.

I am going to believe that my friend will do the same. He will draw upon the love he felt for his brother and the love the brother had for him, as he runs these hilly miles.

When you run for a purpose and focus, it changes everything. You are changed, forever.

I have no idea if I am physically ready for Twilight, my last long run was 10 days ago and I was on vacation since then. Whatever happens…happens. We will just have to rely on strength from another source that night.

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