Monday, August 8, 2011


For as long as I can remember, I have heard "we are what we eat"

To modernize that phrase, I think it should be "our food reflects our lifestyle"

  • 80% of our health comes from what we eat
  • 20% of our health comes from our activity

Look at the ever-popular, Biggest Loser Reality TV Show. Why are those contestants on that show? Their poor diets. How we eat, is how we FEEL. Ever stuffed yourself to the point of wanting to throw up? Ever ate an incredible yummy and organic meal to feel great afterwards?

I have been juicing for 7+ years.

With kids, that can be a challenge - to get them to eat fruits and vegetables (but, in our house, you eat what is in front of you or nothing at all). Our kids have learned to love and appreciate fruits and vegetables, because of juicing. 

Their treat of choice is juicing and/or smoothies.

When I tell people we make our own juice (most of the time) the number one comment I get is "that takes too much time to prepare and clean up"

So, I decided to do an experiment on how long it takes me to make a batch of juice smoothies and the COST. Get to know me, there is one thing I am VERY passionate about - saving money!

For this recipe, I picked my kids favorite fruits

Cutting them the fruit into 1/4's - 54 seconds

Here is our Juicer:

Juicing = 1 minute 27 seconds

After I juice them, I put them in a stand-up mixer (or you can use a Blender, I happen to like using my Mixer). Plus, two containers of your favorite yogurt and some plain yogurt (for more flavored). I often get my yogurt for free with sales and coupons (another way to save money!)

While that is mixing in the mixer, I go back to clean up the juicer

Total time to clean up: 3 minutes 58 seconds

Total time 6 minutes and 20 seconds (approx)

**The consistency will be thinner.  I would advise adding some water, as the straight juice could be a bit much on tender, young tummies.  I also often will add a splash of (real) ginger ale soda to make it fizzy for the kids)
I COULD drive down the local Smoothie place and pay $4-$6 for ONE Smoothie and also take the time to pack up the kids, drive down to the smoothie shop, place the order, wait for the order and then come back home = 30 minutes (at least)

Why do that when I can make my own Smoothies at home (remember, LESS than 10 minutes!) and much less expensive.

This batch makes 3 1/2 glasses = that would be over $15 at the smoothie shop and I made this batch for less than $1

Try it and let me know what you think! Or if you have a great juicing/smoothie recipe - please feel free to post in the comments.

I often will drink a juice smoothie as my meal, when I am not hungry enough to eat an entire meal, but I want some nutrition.  It will fill you up!

Happy Healthy Juicing!

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. What brand of juicer do you have?

  2. We have the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer (Stainless Steel) (see Amazon link above for a great price). Don't buy the White one - if you juice tomatoes or carrots, it will stain the juicer. Our original one last 6 years with almost daily use. We now have two juicers (so that way we are not without, in case one breaks down LOL)

  3. So true! I am a huge fan of the juicer, and so is my body.


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