Monday, August 22, 2011

*CHAR SHARES* - Injured? Tired? | Time for a change!

Hope everyone had a great week!  My week was spent with a lot of stretching, easy runs and recovery. I was not suffering with pain – just tightness in my lower back, knees and ankles. As always, I chose to take an Active Recovery approach to post-race.

In the past week, I have had several emails and phone calls from runners who have suffered from ills, spills and pains in recent months. Being injured is a memory, which is forever branded in my brain. I can still smell and feel the wind on my face as I planted my foot down and felt the gut wrenching pop and pull in my right hip. That moment – was my game changer. It’s sad, that it takes an injury to make changes that we know we should be doing.

I took control of my own training. I surrounded myself with fellow runners and professionals who would guide me safely and accurately - not just trying to get me to "Boston Qualify". While I believe in the medical community – I chose what I would and would not do. I would not just hop into a PT or rehab without finding out what they did or how they did it. More importantly, could I do it at home? Not only is this more cost effective, it helped me LEARN about my body.

As runners, we often just put on the shoes and run. Do you ever stop to think how your muscles are working? It’s fascinating to say the least. With that knowledge, I have been able to make very educated judgments on my training and for my clients.

It was during that time I chose to run Smarter, not harder. Not every run needs nor should be a tempo run.

What baffles me is I see injured runners go back to the EXACT same training methods post-injury. Why?

Why go back to the old habits that injured you in the first place?

When you are hurting – that is your que to change something (most likely foot strike AND shoes). Going back to old habits is nothing more than saying, “okay, I enjoy being hurt – let’s do this again!”

Frustrated or lack motivation in your runs? Change your training around a bit.

Just as we change our gear according to the weather or distance – change your training to fit your needs and to ensure safety for future runs.

Please share with me your recent run frustrations? How are you changing your training to over it?

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