Thursday, July 14, 2011

Race Number 11 Is This Weekend | LVTC 4 Mile Notch Run

This weekend, I will be running the Las Vegas Track Club 4 mile Notch Run. It is in elevation range from 5K-8K at Mt Charleston. From start to finish - ALL uphill.

I will be taking my husband, sons, Honeybear and Daisy Mae (our dogs). First time, the dogs will be with me at a race day. It's cooler in the mountains, so I think they can manage that weather vs heat.  I am excited to have all of them at the finish line!

Some have told me it will be the worse 4 miles I have ever run, others say it "isn't too bad"

Regardless, this is a training run for me. Wherever my legs take me - that's what will happen that morning.

But, I am not stupid - I am doubling my carb loading, hydration and taking my rescue inhaler with me during the race. I am going to run this hill as healthy as I can, not as stupid as I can. I will put extra KT tape on and have a cooler ready with ice - just in case my knees and ankles or whatever decide to revolt.

My goal: to finish upright, strong and feeling good. I have no specific time to finish - I have nothing to compare it to.

Whatever happens, happens - but I can promise you I will run it smart. Forget PR's, I am enjoying this run/race for me and for training.

If runner-snobs want to turn their nose up at me for not pushing myself, because they believe I should go faster. Sorry, this is my race time - not yours to judge. 

I love running, period. I don't need an award nor a medal every time I race.

I set a goal to run 11 races in 2011 - this will be my 11th race this year.   Ironic it is on hills and high elevation.  I will be enjoying my moment of accomplishing my 11 races.  This time last year, I could barely run 1 1/2 miles.  I love this sport!

What tests us, makes us stronger. I plan to be stronger by the end of this race day.

Anyone else running Notch this weekend?  If so, I will be wearing my traditional Visor with a Ladybug on it.  Stop by and say "hello!" 

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