Thursday, July 14, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Zensah Bra | No more Seams!

Several weeks ago I received a Zensah Seamless Running Bra test and review.
I was looking forward to testing a running bra.  As all women long distance runners can tell you, a good running bra can make or break your runs or even races.  (of course, never wear a bra that you have never worn before on race day!)

Zensah Running Bra is seamless.  If you have problems or sensitivity to seams - this could be the best bra option for you.  I have many bras to choose from, all from your typical retail establishments.  I have not had any problems with any bras, but I am always willing to see if there is a better option.

I found the Zensah Running Bras to be very form fitting.  For someone who has a broad back (but not well-endowed AT ALL) - it was a little too snug on my back, but that isn't Zensa's fault.  But, if you have a broad back - keep that in mind when ordering.

I wore the bra several times on long runs - to test out the seamless and to see if they ride up on me at all.

Everything was great.  I certainly would recommend this bra if you have issues with other bras, especially bras with seams.

They come in a nice range of colors, too.  That's a great option, especially if you like to run in your bra (only) during hot summer months.

While the price might be a tad high to some, I can see why this particular style/type of bra would be of value to someone.  If I had seam issues - I would pay $100 for a bra.  Be sure to check out their wide variety of sports apparel, too (socks, leg sleeves and arm sleeves).

My thanks to Zensah for the complimentary bra!

*I was not compensated for this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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