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Awhile back Ever Stride was the sponsor of the #runchat time on Twitter. If you are on twitter – please hashtag #runchat – and you will quickly be engulfed into an ongoing conversation about running and twice a month, the leaders of #runchat host a “chat time”. It’s great to learn and meet others.

Shortly after that particular #runchat, I contacted Ever Stride to inquire about their products.

As part of my race day and long run routine, I go through the typical lotions, potions and “rubs” to ensure I am not chafing and my feet are blister free. I will have to say, I have been chaf and blister free from the day I started running a year ago (cyber-knock on wood).

Curious about the effectiveness of their product line, I received a complimentary box

The first out of the box was the Pro Therapy Foot Cream to keep away and help heal dryness. I know, that is is a right of passage to end up with a black toe nail or have ugly feet as a runner – but I have become the opposite. Since I have been running I get more pedicures and spend MORE time taking care of my feet than ever before.

Foot Creams are a big issue to me. They are either too flowerly smelling, too greasy or so light, it does nothing for my feet. And within an hour – my feet look like I have walked through chalk. Dry as a bone.

I was pleased that the Foot Cream was odorless. The lotion was light, but 3 hours later I could still feel the lubrication on my feet without feeling greasy. Major points for me. When I am not running, I am either barefoot or in flip flops, I live in Vegas. I need to ensure my feet look and FEEL half way descent.

Then, I had a long run. Lube time! I use their Anti-Chafing Sports Stick all over. It did not come off in clumps as other brands do. Very easy to spread evenly. My long run on that particular day consisted of the HOTTEST run of my life, in hills and sweaty all over. The lubrication did it’s job and then some.

The added plus – not too long after long run, that I wore dressy sandals (no hose!) and I knew those sandals would create blisters in 10 steps. I used that pre-race lubricant before I put my sandals on and NO blisters and no rubbing.

Next was the Fungus Rx Defense. It takes awhile for your toenails to grow out, I had to wait until my pedicure to see the results. My pedicurist made the comment that my feet and nails have never looked better.

Enough said? I think proof is in the feet!

Every Stride has generously offered a KILLER product pack. 3 Winners and a Promo code, too! (you know how I love Promo Codes!)

1st place: Chafe stick, foot cream and surprise product!
2nd place: Chafe stick and surprise product!
3rd place: Chafe Stick!

Can’t wait to find out if you are a winner and want to order some products NOW?

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Winners will be announced (first name, last initial) on FB and Twitter.


Thanks to Ever Stride for such great products!

*I was not compensated in anyway to write this review.  The views and opinions are mine and mine alone

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  1. I want in. Those products sound GREAT!

  2. Great review, Charlene. I am now following your blog. I lvoe #runchat. Also, would love to try Ever Stride products. Have a horrible time finding other items locally as no local running store - it is between 40 and 75 miles away depending on which one I go to.

  3. I'm already a blog follower and I would love in on this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  4. I am following your blog and I would LOVE to win!!