Saturday, June 4, 2011

When the Glutes Hurt | It's Not a Good Day

My Glutes hurt. Well, let's be honest here - my butt hurts

I had my long run today - I felt like an Elephant pounding the pavement.  Legs were so unbelievably heavy, I questioned my sanity a few times.  While it was not a horrific run, by any stretch..  Afterall, I was injury free - I didn't sweat TOO much and I did enjoy the scenery.

However, I am now sitting on my the most sore spot of my body.  For the first time, I iced my glutes.  That's an ice opener and a "GOOD MORNING, VEGAS" moment! 

I am going to take this as a CUE to strengthen my glutes.  Afterall - a fellow runner called me a "Core Addict".  She said at any time she can count on me working out my Core.  Well, part of that is true.  Since I did have my hip injury in March and I NEVER want repeat that again - I am fanatical about keeping my hips and abs lined up.

During this AM's run - I literally felt my glutes (aka "butt") was dragging on the pavement.  That's no fun!

They call the glutes the "missing core" - well, time for me to go find them

Maybe after all this time, I can have that perky little butt that so many other runners have! 

What are your favorite Glute exercises?  

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