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RACE REPORT: Running With the Devil 5K - 3rd Overall Women's Division

Today was the Running With the Devil 5K by Calico Racing. It is the sister-race to my first ever 5K in January. January = Coldish, June = BEYOND Hottish

The course was at Lake Mead, NV. Still one of my favorite locations to run – near 6 Tunnels.

I arrived later than I had wanted, as I had to stop at the ATM to get cash for the entry fee into the park. I typically like to arrive about an hour before gun time, but this time, I arrived 15 minutes before the start.

I ran to stand in line at the porta potties. That seemed to take forever!

As I was standing in line, I realized I would not have ANY time to do a warm up jog. Something I have done in pre-race since February. I usually run/jog about a 1 mile or so and then warm up my legs while waiting for the start.

At the most, I could stand in line and jog and do some high knee lifts.

Just as I excited the Porta Potties – the Event Director called us to the Start Line.

At least I knew the course. The first hill was not gradual, it was “OH! You’re here!” type of hill

I knew a PR was out of the question –it was already nearing 90 degrees – at 6:45am and I had not warmed up.

I ran into the first hill – slowly. Which I believe was the smart thing for me to do.

Get to the top of the hill – it’s a decline, so I let my legs take me for a ride and picked up some speed.

Up and down, up and down came the rolling hills. But, I was feeling pretty good. Not GREAT, like “oh yea, I got this PR in the bag…bring it on, buddy” but my legs were strong and my breathing was not labored.

At the 1.5 turnaround (waved to my running buddy, Casey!) I was at a 7:58ish pace. Okay, I KNEW if I didn’t slow it down, I would not make it in the heat.

Here is a picture of Casey and the other "Devil Girls" at the turnaround (photo courtesy of Casey)

At this point in the race, I was 3rd Overall (Women’s). I strategically decided to just ride out the rest of the race at a good pace.

Running back to the finish – it was fun to see so many of my runner friends. Lots of high-fives and thumbs ups to everyone! I think that is always the favorite part of the race: seeing everyone on the course.

I kept at a smart and steady pace the remainder of the race and I know I slowed it way down for the last hill before the turn into the Finish.

My last finish time at this course (Winter) 28:08
Today, I finished at 26:08 (according to my watch) – so I reach a PR for me (for the course)

I was pleased. Heat, hills is never a good combination.

The Finisher Medal is quite large, solid and oh – so colorful. This might just have to be my favorite new medal!

Running With the Devil 2011 Finisher Medal

I stood at the Finish, waiting for several of my friends to finish their 5K’s Everyone had that same look on their face, “oh my goodness – THAT was HOT!” (I can relate)

FINALLY, had the chance to meet Julia (sorry, no picture). What a delight she is!

Due to a Timing glitch, the 5K times were not officially posted, but I was presented with my 3rd Overall Award (see below). It’s a vase full of Fireballs (pretty creative, huh?)

Women's Overall 3rd Place Award - Glass Jar with Fireballs
(I wonder if Joyce from Calico Racing is getting tired of handing me 3rd Place Awards? I should start a collection of 3rd Place Awards . Whatcha think?)

I also had the chance to meet several runners as I was handing out Chill Towels, one of the sponsors of Calico Racing. I had never tried one until today. These are great! They are not like your average towel. Once you open the package, shake them up and bit and they are COOL. To rejuvenate the coolness later, shake them again. I like these!  Many of the runners sure appreciated them, and I certainly can see why they are a favorite of Calico Runners. I even gave one to “Bella” who was in attendance at the race with her family. (you knew I couldn’t resist The Dog)

Bella cooling off with her Chill Towel around her neck

A few others came through on the 10K. Teri and Archie, pictured below. Congrats to Teri who placed 1st in her Age Division and won the Female Costume Award. Archie was a trooper and kept focused and ran strong. Congrats to you both!

Teri G. - Winner of the Best Female Costume and Age Division Winner 10K

Archie G. after finishing his 10K and STILL smiling!

Then, I waited for my friends finishing the Half Marathon . By the time they finished, the temp was already at 98 degrees. Yikes!

Rob – "The Shirtless Wonder", with only 4-5 weeks of training, coming off an injury finished the Half in a great time.

Rob E. - at the Finish Half (P.S. where is your shirt?)

Ruth – Came running into the Finish Line with her famous smile and electric personality. This woman never stops! Such an inspiration

Ruth H. - always smiling and being positive! 

My sons and I stayed around and volunteered for another 2 ½ hours, handing out medals, clipping tiing chips, etc. My kids love helping out.

This 5K marks the end of major races until I race the ET Half Marathon in August. That is the race, I plan to redeem myself – since my last Half Marathon finished with an injury and a horrible time. Although, I will be running some local fun runs with my family – my focus for the next month is ET.

As always, Calico Racing is a class act. Great shirts, great medals, creative Awards and great people. The atmosphere is always personable and supportive.

I look forward to seeing everyone again - congrats to all the Finishers! You inspired me!

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
Celebrate Your Finish,  

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV  
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