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Product Review and Giveaway: Healthy Steps Kitchen Gadgets | Making Portion Control Easy!

According to many online sources 61% of American’s are overweight. Portion control is one way to keep the weight down and to create a healthy lifestyle.  That shouldn't be news to anyone, right?

Awhile back I was introduced to the kitchen products of Healthy Steps.
Considering my husband is a Chef – of course, I was interested!

When I received the box to test out a few of their products – we were excited! You can imagine, husband is a gadget king. He loves it all. For me, I must have it functional and easy to clean. I don’t care how fancy it is. But, if I have to battle with it to make it work or can’t keep it clean – it’s not worth a penny to me.

Healthy Steps sent me 3 products to test

1. Tea Infuser
2. Cheese Grater
3. Water Infuser

Let’s talk about the Tea Infuser, first. A few months ago – I weaned myself off from coffee. After decades of espresso’s and latte’s – my stomach was screaming for a change. I turned to tea. Green, Black or other teas. With their Total Tea Infuser, you can brew one cup at a time. Picture below (one of my cups). The best part of this Infuser is there is a “plunge” you can use to push out more brewed tea into your water. Ingenious! As you can see by the picture – you can also drain the last drop into your cup.

Next is the Cheese Grater. I am no longer a BIG cheese eater. However, my two boys and husband love their cheese. When I explained how this grater worked – the lightbulb went off in their eyes. They realized they needed to watch their cheese intake = portion control. My two sons, 10 & 12 yrs old can use this grater with ease. Great product and a great teaching tool to learn about how much cheese we should use in our dishes

The Water Infuser. What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of this! Other than tea, I drink water all day, everyday. Sometimes I just want a little more tastes and I do the squeezing of the lemon or orange into the water. Sticky, messy and let’s not forget the squirts in the eye. With the infuser – you don’t have to worry about it. Cut your citrus fruit and place in the infuser. When it’s time to remove – just pull out the ball and dump the citrus into the garbage. No drippy mess.

Healthy Steps has a great site. If you have not already visited, please do so. Not only do they have great and durable products, there are many resources you can use for your healthy lifestyle choices. I for one, am loving the Herb Pro and the Fish Filet turner. Those are on my shopping list! And the best part! Their products are sturdy and easy to clean.

They have offered an incredible and generous offer!

You can win 3 (yes THREE!) of their products!

To enter:

1. Follow my Blog (you must follow publicly – I cannot verify if you are or are not following publicly)


2. Comment on my blog you are following and you would like to be entered into the giveaway

MUST DO BOTH STEPS TO BE ENTERED! Not #1 or #2, but both

EXTRA POINT (not instead of but in addition, to #1 and #2)

Go to Healthy Steps Facebook page and LIKE and comment “I want to be entered – Running With Charlene sent me” – your name will be entered into the drawing twice!

GIVEAWAY PERIOD: Monday, June 13 thru Friday, June 17th at 5pmPST

Enter today! You will be glad you did!

My thanks to Healthy Steps for sending me these great products and for their generosity in providing the prizes!

*I was not compensated for this review - the opinions expressed are my own

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