Monday, June 27, 2011

Officially Registered For ET Half Marathon | My Redemption Run

When I started running 14 months ago - I had no idea there were SO many race options in Vegas, year round.  One that caught my eye - the ET Moonlight Run at Area 51 with Calico Racing.  

I am not an X-files, nor an Alien watcher, but the thought of running at midnight (you know how I LOVE nighttime runs!) along side one of the most famous stretches of highway in the world.  Sounded like fun!

When I arrived at the RnRLV 2010 Expo - I visited the Calico Racing booth.  Met Joyce (Event Director/Owner, Calico Racing) for the first time and I saw the ET Medals from previous years.  I KNEW I had to run that race in 2011.

It's been on my schedule every since, and I officially registered this morning.

It's my Redemption Race.  My first Half Marathon since my Half Marathon injury in March.  While I have run several 5 and 10K's since then, I NEED to run a solid Half Marathon to prove to myself that I can do this.  For those who have had injuries, especially during a race - you know the mind tricks that are played on you.  You doubt if you can race that distance, you wonder if you have lost your mind, etc.

I have trained very hard since recovering my injury, but most importantly, I believe I have trained SMART.   The final confirmation to me that I was ready for the incline of ET was running the Devil 5K this past weekend.  I remember the horrible pain I was in during Angel (same course, but in January).  At Devil - it was not a picnic, but the hills didn't get to me - it was the heat.  All the times I have worked on my breathing, strength training and working hills was finally validated.   If I could finish Devil with a respectable time, I knew my legs, breathing and hips could handle ET.

My strategy for ET is to start out slower than my normal (incline for the first six miles with an elevation of over 4K).  Then on the decline - slowly pick up speed to get me to the finish in a vertical, healthy and HAPPY position.  Would I like to PR?  Who doesn't want to PR?  Of course, I would like to beat my Vegas time of 2:11 - but this race is really about the victory of finishing, to me (just like Vegas).  Plus, who wouldn't like to finish and eat breakfast here:  (see pic below)

Seven weeks away and I couldn't be more excited!  The last time I was this excited about a race?  You guessed it - RnRLV.

I know I will finish strong, healthy and no hobbling to the finish - and I will finish with a Smile on my Face, too. 

7 weeks and counting.... Watch out ET, here I come!

How many of you are running ET?  Have you ever had a Redemption Race?  Please share your experiences in the comment section below. 

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