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*INTERVIEW* with Jennifer Florendo - Las Vegas Woman Magazine

This interview is with Jennifer Florendo of Las Vegas Woman Magazine. This magazine can caught my eye on many occasions with their excellent health, wellness and lifestyle tips. Jennifer has agreed to share with all of us her background and why Las Vegas Woman magazine is so important to the community.

Jennifer Florendo - Las Vegas Woman Magazine

Charlene (C): Please give your personal background and why you chose to work for Las Vegas Woman?

Jennifer (J):  I come from a colorful background and have always been a bit of a grammar snob. Although my email recipients would say otherwise, LOL. My education was in commercial recreation and tourism, but my first “real” job was in marketing. During college, I always enjoyed my creative writing classes and knew that I was missing my calling but too scared to do anything about it—it is drilled into our heads that we go to college and then work 8-5, Monday –Friday. After graduating, I landed a job with Toys “R” Us where I did promotional marketing for them in Paramus, NJ.

I started writing business proposals, advertising copy and marketing communications to our 700 stores, and it was there where my name first appeared on a masthead for R-Zone magazine. R-Zone is the video game department and we partnered with a publishing company to create a publication. From there, after moving to Vegas, I was always writing here and there, I started a blog and as it started to capture people’s attention, I started to pursue it more.

Some people choose careers and others have their career choose them. I started writing for Las Vegas Bride magazine about two years ago and really wanted to get more involved. I reached out to the publisher and at the time he was looking for an in-house editor. I took the job and hoped that it would lead to my taking on a larger role with LV Woman because I had always been a big fan of that magazine. Shortly after, I became the managing editor for Las Vegas Woman and then finally the editor after that. I love working on this publication because it is unique and different from anything else out there. When we say “woman,” we mean it. It is 100 percent for women by women.

(C): Why is Las Vegas Woman important to the community? And what is your current circulation?

(J): As I noted, it is 100 percent for women, by women. We are a positive voice in the community and focus on articles that are real to women of all ages, from their 20s up through their 60s. From careers to events to finances to love, Las Vegas Woman magazine covers the topics that are important to women of all ages. Our mission is to provide the women of Las Vegas with a positive resource to find information that is relevant to their lives and important to their hearts. We focus on women supporting women and giving them a creative outlet for celebrating their successes.

LVW is a quarterly publication that is distributed bi-weekly with a total of 80,000 copies per year. 6000 direct mailed to affluent women homeowners each issue. 14,000 distributed to over 2300 High Traffic Shops that women frequent including:  Medical & Health Care Offices · Cosmetic Surgeons & Dental · Day Spas & Salons · Health & Fitness Clubs · Professional Offices · Educational Campuses · Hair & Nail Salons · and Health Food Stores

(C) How long have you been in business?

(J):  I have 10+ years of experience, almost two with Las Vegas Woman

(C):  What is happening with your business this year that you would want everyone to know?

Our new website recently launched,, our readers can interact and stay in touch with us on Facebook (

We bring our magazine to life at our two Woman’s Expo's each year. This Saturday, July 2nd at the Texas Station is our next Expo, they draw in thousands of women and our tons of fun.

(C): Where can the public find a copy of your magazine?

(J):  The magazine can be picked up at the Border and Whole Foods in Town Square, Whole Foods on Charleston and Barnes & Noble’s Rainbow and Charleston locations.

(C): If someone came up to you on the street and asked about pursuing their professional dreams, what one piece of advice would you give them?

There isn’t one person out there who hasn’t experienced some sort of fear about something, but the feeling you get from trying and accomplishing is amazing. I think that in today’s world, my practical advice is to research, ask questions and be smart about whom you do business with!

Thank you, Jennifer for great information about yourself and LVW. To all my blog readers/fans who are in the Vegas area, please make sure you pick up the latest magazine and be sure to join their FB page.

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