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*INTERVIEW* with Brett Bryd - Founder of "Give Your Sole"

This month's Interview is a very special cause to our family.  I first heard of Give Your Sole prior to the Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll 2010.  During the Expo, it was a delight to see my children donate many pairs of shoes and their smiling faces as they knew they were helping out others.  

This year, my children are collecting shoes from local thrift stores and other sources to bring to the Vegas Expo this year.  We hope all our fellow runners will join us in supporting this great community cause.

I am pleased and excited to give you this interview with Brett Byrd, the Founder of "Give Your Sole" (GYS)

Brett Byrd, Give Your Sole

C;  Hi Brett, thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions about yourself and your organization.  Let's start with you...

Please give us your personal background

B: I was born in small town in Central Illinois but grew up in Orange County, CA. in a Christian household with loving parents and a brother. 

Growing up always had a passion for wanting to help others in need. Worked 20 years in the restaurant business and moved into a sales position with a large promotional marketing company where I continue to work during the day

C:  What is your business? (what do you offer?)

B: Give Your Sole seeks to provide less fortunate men, women and children with moderately worn shoes collected at race events held nationwide. We then donate the shoes we collect to local rescue missions to help those in need within the city where the race is being held. 

The impact is immediate

C:  What made you decide to start your business? What or what  inspired you? 

B: I started GYS 3 years ago, because I believe the first and foremost reason for my existence is to help others as I would want to be treated. Simple as that. 

I run to stay healthy,  and realized that runners only put about 300 miles on their shoes which still allows a great deal of wear-ability on them. 

There are 3.5 million people in the US who will experience poverty/homelessness who could use shoes

I saw a group of people who had shoes and a group of people who needed them and decided to bring them together

C:  Those statistics are unbelievable.  Wow.  Where are located?

B: Based in Corona California but collect shoes at races nationwide

C:  What is happening with your business this year, that you would want everyone to know?

B: Raising funds is always a huge help to our organization. It costs money to keep Give Your Sole going and being able to attend races nationwide

C:  What is your website to find out how and where to donate shoes to your organization?


C:  If someone came up to you on the street and said they wanted to get into a business for themselves, what one piece of advise would you give them? 

B: The non-profit business is an amazing space to be in. That said, it is also a hard one because there are so many incredible causes, raising money can be difficult. 

Be prepared for the long haul and stay true to what your mission is. It is easy to get distracted because you want to do what you can to make it grow and sometimes find yourself spreading things to thin. Narrow the focus on what you do best and do it repeatedly. 

Like any other business surrounding yourself with good people will help the organization grow and accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

C:  Brett, thank you again - we look forward to seeing you at the Vegas Expo in December!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that GYS will be at the Vegas Expo this year... I kind of have a huge stockpile of running shoes that I should do something with!

    Great interview with a great cause!


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