Tuesday, June 7, 2011

*CHAR SHARES* - Lesson Learned: The Woman in the Stranded Truck

Yesterday, as I turned out of my neighborhood I pulled up behind a little truck that was stalling.  Cars were piling up behind me. 

My first thought, "great, now what? I don't have time for this, I have things to do today" 

At that time, I realized I had forgot my cell phone on my charger, so I went around the truck and started to turn around.  Just as I turned my car around - the gal in the trust jumped out of her car and started pushing it to the side of the road. 

For a moment, I looked at the cars behind the truck and wondered why anyone wasn't helping her? 

I then realized, why wasn't I the one helping her?

I hoped out of my car and ran to the truck and opened up the door and started to push.  The look of the gal was in disbelief as she turned around and saw a HUGE line of vehicles behind her, not one offering to help. 

One might think "that's Vegas for ya - all inconsiderate people!"

They are very wrong.  As I saw the cars drive by this stranded driver - I saw several out of state license plates, even from those states that supposed "charm and hospitality" was their culture. 

As I sent her on her way - she asked for my name and contact as she wanted to send me some money (?????), I just waved my hand and said, "not necessary!  :)  pay it forward to someone else!"

I got back into my car and my 12 yr old son (who has autism) asked why would I get in the middle of the street to help out a total stranger.  I explained, "it's just what people should do.  Wouldn't you want someone to help you out, if you were in trouble?"

As we continued on with our day - the sky opened up with little blessings -

1.  We found paper currency bills in a parking lot right next to our car and no one would claim it
2.  We receive free food
3.  People were nice to use and offered to put my grocery bags in the car
And etc

I am embarrassed in that fleeting moment that stranded women was an inconvenience to me, but I am grateful that God allowed me to forget my cell phone - so maybe, just maybe we could be a blessing to another person.

In turn - we had our share of little blessings throughout the day. 

Afterall, isn't that what life should be about? 

Blessings others - and then, without expecting - we are blessed in return

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011
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  1. Yes, it's what life should be about...

    I've noticed more and more people seem to have a disconnect from one another in person. The electronic connections increase (which I'm in favor of, no doubt...) and people seem more and more separate from in-person connections. It's interesting... and a little troubling.

  2. Agree. People have become more disconnected on a face-to-face level (which is not good) and also - people put TOO much emphasis on "connections" of what they see or read or do online. Another negative. While you might meet someone online - you never truly connect without a phone call or face-to-face. In this world of "what's in it for me" - many fail to see that the way they benefit is by putting other's first. The Golden Rule always prevails. Thanks for your thoughts, Jill!


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