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RACE REPORT: Runnin' For The House 5k - May 21, 2011

I ran my first Runnin’ For The House 5K on May 21st. The event benefited the Vegas Ronald McDonald Houses. For those who are not familiar with the RMH’s – they are hotel/living spaces for families with children receiving long term medical care at a local hospital. The fee for staying at the RMH is often free or very low cost to the families. It’s a charity I gladly support.

Remember how I said in my last Race Report (Mom’s Rock 10) that I ALWAYS have some type of drama the night before a race or morning of?

Not one to break tradition – this race also had it’s share of drama. The day before our dog, Honeybear had minor oral surgery. What was suppose to be minor ended up with another….sleepless night with a whimpering and moaning dog. She was in more pain than anyone anticipated. Let’s see, I think she went to sleep at 11 and then woke up every half hour after that – finally with me getting up at 2:30am. Oh joys. I laughed at the irony that I had yet another race with drama. Heavy sigh.

It was a beautiful crisp Vegas morning as me and my sons arrived at the Ronald McDonald House location 45 minutes before gun time. Below are a few pictures.

Ronald McDonald House of Las Vegas
Start/Finish Line

At 5 minutes to Gun Time, the man himself, Ronald McDonald lead everyone in a quick warm-up. There were over 1600 racers. Approximately 400 were 5K competitive (timed) racers, and the rest were fun run 5K or 1 milers. According to organizers this was the largest turnout in the 7 year history of the event. Never before, had they had over 1000 participants.

Saw one of my runner friends – we keep missing each other at all our previous races. See picture below.

Waiting for the gun I had it in my mind to try to beat 25 minutes. My current PR was 25:52 – 24:00 was within my reach, I felt. However – I was running on an empty gas tank with no sleep. Welcome to Charlene's Running World.

Gun goes off and the crowd is on their way. I had studied the race course and the first mile was at an elevation increase of only 50’ that was the largest incline. I knew the area, I had run it several times in the last year. Mile 1 came up on me quicker than I thought – which is always a good sign. My split was 8:09 and I was feeling really good.

Irony, I had purchased new shoes the day before – my typical Brooks Adrenalines, but we re-sized them (went down a half size, since I no longer wear inserts). Feet were feeling good. At the 1.5 mile mark we turned the corner and it started to go down hill. I picked up considerable speed and dropped my arms to shake it off. I was doing some serious arm pumping that first mile!

My second mile split was 7:55 – sweet! I knew I had a shot at the 24:00.

Hit Mile 3 and my gas tank went to EMPTY. Turning the corner to the finish line, I felt I had nothing in me, but I crossed the finish line at 25:07. I beat my PR – that’s always a good thing. I am beginning to think that having a sleepless night before a race is a good thing for me.

We are immediately greeted at the finish line with volunteers holding bottles of water. That was PERFECT! Nothing is more annoying than having to walk around looking for beverages, when all you want to do is sick down and catch your breath. Thank you RMD for that excellent touch to the race experience, it helped out so many of us.

RMH served a Pancake breakfast, with sausage and an orange. You could also get apple slices. All free to participants. My kids loved that, of course.

In addition, there were several sponsors there handing out loads of freebies to the kids.

The atmosphere was great – fun, competitive – yet SO organized!

No finisher medals at this event. Yes, it’s true – Charlene ran an event WITHOUT a Finisher Medal Awards were given 3 deep in all age categories. My age category was the 45-54.

After eating the results were posted and I got to see my official time of 25:04 at a 8:04 pace. 3 seconds faster than my Garmin and 5 seconds from breaking 25:00.  I also noticed was First in my Division :)

Not sure what Awards they were given out for AG’s (maybe French Fries? I will take it!)

When we were told to pick up our Awards – I was presented a Gold Medal for my first place finish. I liked that touch – Gold, Silver, Bronze.

So, I did come home with a medal afterall!

First Place - Women's 45-54 Division (Gold Medal)

Me with AG Award and holding Ladybug's Ball

Loved this race experience – I am glad we participated in such a worthwhile cause. Class act event, highly recommend to anyone.

Onward, to the next PR and next Finisher Medal.

(c) C. Ragsdale 2011

Celebrate Your Finish,

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  1. Congratulation!! Well done.

  2. Thanks, Will. It was a fun event. Hope to see you soon.


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