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Race Report: Mom's Rock 10K and 1 Mile Fun Run | A New PR

As many know, this past week (May 5th to be exact) was my one year anniversary of my first attempt to run a mile.

It is now called, “Cinco de MILE-O”. Due to a scheduling conflict, we could not celebrate on that day as we originally planned.

This weekend’s race became my "Cinco de-MILE-O” celebration.

About a month ago, my kids and husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I said, ‘I want us to race as a family, for the first time”

My family agreed and shortly after, we decided we would run in memory of Ladybug. We called ourselves, “The Ladybug Brigade”

I have come to the conclusion that every race of mine, will have a sleepless night or something else going on the evening before or the day of. Every race (with the exception of the Vegas Half) SOMETHING happened or went on the day of or the night before.

This was no exception. I slept at the most – 2 hours. Most likely it was closer to 1 hour, on and off. I would of canceled the race – but my kids and hubby were running it. In my mind, how could I run a 10K on no sleep? Seriously – I am not superhuman.

We arrived at the race site about one hour ahead of time. Beautiful morning the Vegas Valley. But, I wanted to crawl back into the car and sleep!

We were going to run the DSA, “Mom’s Rock” race. There was a 10k, 5k and a 1 mile fun run/walk. My husband and boys were going to run the 1 miler, I was doing the 10K. I picked this event, as it had a Finisher Medal. This way, even with a 1 mile – my boys and husband could receive something to commemorate our special day.

The event staff was so pleasant! Always had a smile on their face. I have been very fortunate – my previous races, all the event organizers have been great. Nice to know DSA was no exception.

Just before the start, I saw my runner friend, Ruth Hamburg. I love seeing her! She always lifts me up. She had two gals with her – this was their first race. How exciting.

My husband had gathered us together for a sweet prayer. What a great way to start a race.

As we stood at the start time, we were given a course description. Immediately, the crowd started to grumble as the way it was described to us – it conveyed utter chaos. We were assured that volunteers would guide us in the right direction (which was not true – at certain check points)

Gun went off. I had set my pace to run at 8:45 for the first 3 miles and then bring it down to 8:23 or better the last 3. I should of looked at the course, before I made that choice. I wasn’t looking for a PR, I just needed to pace myself and test out my hips. Yes, I am still “testing”

I was doing great and most importantly, everything felt great. Breathing, hips, legs, ankles – just keeping steady.

I had never run a 10K race before – my only timed 10K was at the Vegas Half 10K split at 59:05.

First miles were good and I was exactly where I needed to be at Mile 3 – at this point, the course started wind back and around again – but I was directed to head in another direction. I ran for about 20 seconds before I realized “there is no way this is the right direction” – so I had to back track. Frustrating.

Looped around again – and as I headed up the hill – I was sent the wrong direction,  again. I didn’t see any runners ahead of me, so I had no one to follow. Once again, I had to back track. Yes, I lost time – but at this time, I had lost my groove.

Once I was finally at the right direction (after two frustrating back tracks) I started up a hill. I thought to myself, “I am suppose to INCREASE my speed on this?”. This was at Mile 5 where I started to feel my hips give out on me in Laughlin.  You can imagine the head games going on in my head, at this point. Ironically, getting up the hill distracted me from thinking about my hips. Not until I reached Mile 6 – did I think about my hips. Thank you, God!

It was a slow incline hill (well, there was several) – but this took me by surprise. I SO desperately wanted to start walking, as many runners were doing so. I just slowed it down to 9:25 (1 minute slower than my 8:23 pace) just so I could get up the hill and not walk.

Turn around and mostly was downhill, level or decline.

Came running through the Tunnel and I was finally done. I finished at 55:18 (unofficial).  It goes without saying that if I had not backtracked once or even twice, I was of finished sub-55, but the official time is the official time. I am happy with the end result – that is almost 4 minutes faster than my Vegas 10K split. But, I LOVE having a new 10K PR!

No Age Division Awards handed out - only 1st and 2nd Overalls.

I felt good, actually - it felt great! Not a single pain nor out of breathe. It felt good to race a distance that was longer than a 5K.  I can build back up to a Half Marathon race. Very confident the new training path I am on is the right one for me.

Here is a picture of "The Ladybug Brigade" with our Finisher Medals -(we each had a ladybug on our shirt.  I was also wearing a ladybug headband)

Saw Jacqueline Widdis and met her husband, Daniel. I was happy to finally meet him as I follow him on Both of them had great PR times. Love seeing people improving. So much fun!

Took a few pictures. Here is my traditional photo holding Ladybug's ball -

Here is a close-up of the Finisher Medal -

Came home. Iced my legs and took a much needed nap!

Today, we celebrated Mother’s Day and Cinco de-MILE-O. Perfect Day for me. Thanks to DSA, despite the course glitches - it was a great event.  I look forward to running their events, again.

NOTE and EDIT:  After writing this blog, the official times were posted.  My official finish time was 55:33 (still a PR)- and 2nd in my Age Division.  Nice surprise - I was told they didn't Award the Age Divisions. 

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!
Live and Run Strong,

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