Friday, May 20, 2011

Product Review and Great Promo Code | iFitness Hydration Bottles

If you follow me on Twitter or FB, you know I have a love affair with my iFitness Belt. Not only is it my constant companion during runs, it will often be my companion during hikes or other activities, that a purse would get in the way.   If you missed my product review of the iFitness Double Pouch belt -  click here

Recently iFitness introduced their hydration bottles to attach to their belts. I was thrilled to receive a set to test out (pictured below)

I had hoped these bottles would not be like others – not seal and sprinkle water all over, while I am running. Anyone else have this happen with their hydration bottles?

The bottles (BPA free!) are a slide on (so, if you wanted to use it on another belt you can). Easily attached to the belt.  

And yes (or shall I say “no”?) they do not leak or sprinkle water anywhere. Loving this!

As I prepare to train for my first Full Marathon, I will be purchasing a few more bottles to add to my belt, so I can properly practice my hydration consumption.

The generous people at iFitness have agreed to offer a great coupon code for anyone ordering online, for any product - FREE SHIPPING! HUGE savings for you!

PROMO CODE: expo2010

As you plan ahead for the summer - I would highly recommend you look into these hydration bottles (and their other great products).

*I was not compensated to write this review. Although, I received the complimentary product from the company – the views expressed are my own.

Live and Run Strong,

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