Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chia Seeds for Weight Loss | The Wonder Seed!

About a month ago, I purchased a 3 lb bag of Chia Seeds and I am so glad I did!

Raw Chia Seeds

Chia Seed Gel

In the running world/culture – they are often used by endurance runners to keep hydrated and their endurance up during the long races. I have added them to my oatmeal on a regular basis – and mostly, just taking dosages by the spoonfuls.

For my runs – I can say, I have seen and felt a definite improvement in my endurance and I don’t loose as much hydration on each run.

I also found out some other great benefits for the Chia Seeds – especially for those who are on our weight loss journey.

While I never endorse weight loss quick fixes, weight loss pills nor supplements – adding Chia Seeds to your healthy, regular diet is a fantastic way to add needed nutrients and help control your hunger. Here are 5 Reasons to add Chia Seeds to your healthy diet -

1. Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself
While I believe weight loss is an overall lifestyle change – this can add in your food cravings (we all have them from time to time). The tiny, and very healthy seeds can be made to taste like whatever you want, and their unique gelling action keeps you feeling full for hours. Hunger is a main enemy of real weight loss, and you don’t want to fight it with jittery expensive pills. When a Chia Seed is exposed to water, it forms a coating of gel, increasing its size and weight. Since the gel made of water, it has no calories. It’s also difficult to remove from the seed, meaning that it helps your body think it is full, without adding calories!

2. Feel more energy, all day long
Don’t want to feel like taking an afternoon nap? Are you reaching for that candybar in the middle of the day? Your energy levels have a lot to do with what you eat and drink. Chia seeds are one of nature’s highest plant-based sources of complete protein. It’s protein is complete to raise your energy levels. The combination of complete protein, vitamins, minerals and blood-sugar balancing gel all work together to make sure you have steady, never jittery energy. Who doesn’t need more energy?

3. Bake with less fat
While I am not a baker, I know many of my blog readers are. Chia gel can substitute for half the butter in most recipes! The food will bake the same and taste the same (or better) from the addition of the Chia seed gel. All you need to do is divide the amount of butter or oil in half, and then use the same amount of chia gel to fill in. The anti-oxidants in Chia seeds can even help keep the food tasting fresh longer. Everything from cookies to cakes to muffins, pancakes and waffles can be made with Chia seed gel as your butter/maragarine replacement.

4. Cut cravings for food
Being deficient in minerals or vitamins can create a craving for food. For example, if you’re low on calcium, you may feel compelled to eat lots of cheese and ice cream. This happens because your body knows that cheese is a source of calcium, and it hasn’t been getting enough. But what if dairy and whole milk are not on your meal plans or you are lactose intolerant? You can always add calcium to your food by sprinkling on the Chia seeds. By weight, Chia seeds has more calcium than whole milk. It also has magnesium and boron, essential trace minerals used in the absorption of calcium and other vitamins. By balancing your vitamins and minerals with Chia seeds , you can curb cravings that might tempt you.

5. Save your money
Why should eating less cost you more? You already know those ‘box meal plans’ can run up to $500.00 a month (and I do not endorse nor recommend ANY diet pills nor boxed meal plans) You can use as much or as little as you want to achieve your own desired results. It costs me about $5-$7/month to keep me supplied with these great seeds. 

If you are looking for a great supplier on purchasing Chia Seeds – this is the website I purchase mine. They are pure and chemical free and with instructions on how to make the Chia Seed Gel. The bag is big and lasts a very long time. Great Value!

CLICK HERE for Chia Seeds from Raw Foods

Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. Hi Charlene,

    I bought some Chia so I may be asking you how you prepare it. I was kind of intrigued by using it as a gel. I'm thinking it will replace Gu or Hammer Gel.

    So, when are we going to run together? I need to start training for my September 24 little run in Wyoming.

    See you soon, hopefully!!


  2. Hi Will - it's always so good to hear from you. For me, I can't use the Gels or Gu's. I use the chia seeds regularly. I will be happy to share with you what I know. There is a ton of info on the internet.

    Yes, WHEN are we going to run together? I have races all through June, but I can do it in July on a Saturday early AM or something? Connect with me on FB.

    Say hi to the wife for me!

    Talk later - Charlene


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