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*CHAR SHARES* - Celebrate The Finish | Every Step of the Way

When one thinks of a Finish or the Finish Line, we see the completion or the end of something. True? In fact, it is true. But, where is the Finish Line in our life?

Isn’t life a continual path of directions and new goals? Life changes, priorities changing?

After all, when you are 10 years old, maybe your goal was to complete your spelling bee test. Then, in your 20’s, you wanted to finish college. Later on, you wanted to finish planning your wedding and so on and so forth.

Life is full of Finishing Moments.  Those Finishing Moments should be Celebrated!

It is a myth that the Finish is the end of it all. Finishing is part of the path and journey we are on each and every day.

Before I begin – I would like you to finish this sentence….

“In one year, I would like to be (or doing) _____________________ “

Where do you want to be in one year? Lose weight? Better job? Graduate college? Be married? Have a baby? Be specific – where do you want to be (or doing) in one year?

Now, let’s say – you want to lose weight (seems that is EVERYONE’s goal, these days, huh?)

When I get around people (especially women) I hear, “I want to lose 40 lbs” – so let’s take that 40 lbs mark.

Read – go loose the weight! Yes, go loose 40 lbs, right now!

What did you do? Did you immediately jump out of your chair and loose 40 lbs?

No, you did not. Why didn’t you? I can safely bet that you felt that 40 lbs was too overwhelming.

After all, if you and I thought it was easy to lose weight, wouldn’t we have already done it, by now?

The key is to keep the goal IN MIND, but not your focal point of today, this week or even this month.

You want to lose 40 lbs in 12 months. That’s approximately 3.5 lbs a month.

That’s less than a pound per week. If you knew you could lose less than a pound a week, in order to lose your 40 lbs by the end of the year? Would you start today?

Of course, you will!

Why? It’s easy to lose less than a pound a week! But, wanting to lose “40 lbs” – that can seem daunting.

So…let’s start with one week.

What can you do to start to create healthier eating habits?

  • Throw out all the candy, cookies and junk food in your house?
  • Start walking around the block (I didn’t say run a marathon, now did I?)
  • Drinking more water?
  • Wean yourself off diet sodas? (For example, if you drink 4 a day – drink 2, and wean off from there)

Each one of those changes that you accomplish, today and even tomorrow is a Finish Line

How good would you feel knowing you threw out all your junk food in your pantry?

How good would you feel knowing you made a small change in your diet today?

Pretty darned good, I would hope!

Each little goal accomplished is a Finish Line. Every step you take around the block is a FINISH, because you have moved forward.

Each little goal accomplished gets you closer to your Finish Line. You can’t possibly loose 40 lbs, until you have lost 5, 10, 20, 30 or 39.

What are you going to Finish today?

Celebrate, every step of the way

Some days, it will be hard to look at the positive in your Finishes.

Pat yourself on the back – because you can’t finish that journey until you keep moving.

A marathon racer has a long journey ahead of them.

But, each marathon racer, counts down the miles. As he/she knows each step, each mile completed bring them closer to their ultimate Finish Line (for that moment).

Celebrate Your Finishes Today!

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Celebrate Your Finish,

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