Saturday, April 9, 2011

Volunteering at Labor of Love/Lovell Canyon - April 9, 2011

What a busy day in the Vegas Valley for racers!

The inaugural Summerlin Half Marathon was taking place and the Labor of Love/Lovell Canyon10k, Half, Full, 50miler, 50K and 100miler. 

Since we had such a fun time at the Red Rock Half/Full in March - we decided to volunteer at Lovell Canyon this month.  Both are put on by Calico Racing.

My original plan was to volunteer today and run the 10K tomorrow. Well…since my Laughlin Half injury, I felt it was best not to push it to try to run a race.  Being at a race day is so much fun, even if I am not racing.

What I loved about this race day – my husband was able to come with us. First time he has been at any race since the Vegas Half.

Although, bitterly, shaking our bones cold – we had a great time cheering the runners in, clipping timing chips and giving them their finisher medals.

As a mom, watching my kids cheer on the other racers and handing them their finisher medals, is always a treat.  My boys knows the work that it takes to run those races.  They know the time it takes to train.  They get it.  

As a runner, it inspires me to see runners achieve their goals. We saw many reach PR’s, others relished in the victory of finishing their selected distance.

Each mile they ran, was a Celebration. Every step, they braved the elements, the hills of this course – each mile was a “finish” to them – as it carried them closer and closer to the ultimate prize – the course Finish Line.

Watching families/friends gather at the finish line as their loved one came up the hill to the finish was emotional, every time. It’s moments like that, that reminds me why I love racing so much.

Below is a picture of Lovell Canyon – the course is in the background (the plastic peering up from the picture is provided at no extra cost to you)

Here is the Finish Line from the Racer’s point of view

Thanks again to Calico Racing for allowing myself, my sons and my husband to participate in this race day.

We wanted to stay a little longer to watch more of the Full Marathon Finishers – but after 3 hours in that weather, it was wearing on my kids.

Congrats to all the Finishers and job well done!
Live and Run Strong,

Charlene L. Ragsdale - Las Vegas, NV
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  1. Hi Charlene,

    It was a treat for me to work with you and your family Saturday! I hope to run with you soon.



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